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Channel manager

Connected with more than 90 Booking channels

All bookings made through MyRent channel manager are automatically synchronized with all other sales channels without stress and without extra work. MyRent connects your accommodation facilities with more than 90 active sales channels, such as,, hostelworld and others.

Simply, let the system work for you!

MyRent works with all known international portals and government institutions, and it will now sync your data to give users a fast and accurate information on free resources.

We share our reservations, close calendars, exchange rates…with all Booking channels.

channel manager

MyRent also offers the ability to connect to other systems without need of further rewritting of same information.

MyRent offers integration with government portals (such as eVisitor), ERP, CRM and other similar financial systems.

MyRent gives the owners an easy insight into the business in a real time. The system was developed as a cloud solution and is available 24 hours per day.


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