100% link quality with Booking.com

MyRent Channel Manager link to Booking.com is 100% accurate and high quality!

Booking.com strictly and regularly checks his partners and the stability and accuracy of their relationship. During the last evaluation, Booking.com updated the link to MyRent and we are proud to inform you that we are among the few Channel managers assigned by Booking.com 100% for connection quality.

MyRent team works diligently to improve its services. We will notify you shortly of news regarding the Booking.com link.

booking.com 100% connection quality - myRent Channel Manager

What does this mean for you?

From MyRent, view and update your reservations and cancellations with security and ease, manage your booking calendar and prices, update descriptions and photos of facilities, set prices depending on length of stay and season, select terms of stay, create promotions and easily manage them.

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