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The best Croatian booking portal for apartments and houses

Apartmanija.hr is the leading website for booking private accommodation in Croatia. It specializes in connecting travelers with owners of apartments, villas, holiday homes and private accommodation facilities all over the coast of the Adriatic Sea. With its wide selection of accommodation and a simple booking process, Apartmanija.hr is an indispensable choice for travelers who want to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Croatia.

The wide range of accommodation facilities on Apartmanija.hr includes different types and styles of accommodation, from luxurious apartments with a sea view to traditional stone houses with swimming pools. Regardless of a traveler's preferences and budget, this website offers a wide range of options for a dream vacation.

Integration with MyRent platform makes it even easier for owners to manage reservations and synchronize accommodation availability across all channels.

As a MyRent partner, Apartmanija.hr offers accommodation owners an exceptional opportunity to reach a wider base of potential guests and increase occupancy of their facilities. Their expertise in the field of reservations and marketing strategies guarantees the successful promotion of the accommodation on Internet search engines such as Google, which allows to increase the visibility and reach of the apartments.

In addition, Apartmanija.hr has a high degree of trust and reputation among travelers and accommodation owners. Their site offers detailed information about each property, including photos, guest reviews, and precise location. This provides travelers with security and confidence when choosing accommodation, while accommodation owners can be sure of the reliability of their bookings and the quality of the service they provide.

In short, Apartmanija.hr is a reliable website that connects travelers with owners of private accommodation in Croatia. Their advanced Channel Manager, integrated with the MyRent platform, makes it easy for owners to manage bookings on different channels, while their expertise in SEO and marketing strategies ensures high visibility and success of accommodation promotion. With its rich offer and high reputation, Apartmanija.hr is the undisputed choice for travelers who want to find the perfect accommodation for their vacation in Croatia.


the best Croatian booking portal


"Open the door to success and increase occupancy of your apartment with Apartmanija.hr, your reliable partner in the tourism business."

10 advantages why Apartmanija.hr & MyRent

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  1. Wide selection of accommodation: Apartmanija.hr offers a wide range of different types of accommodation, including apartments, villas, holiday homes and private rooms, adapted to the different needs of travelers.
  2. Local expertise: Apartmanija.hr specializes in accommodation in Croatia, with detailed knowledge of destinations, regions and attractions along the Adriatic coast.
  3. Easy booking process: Users can easily search for accommodation, view photos, check availability and make a booking through the intuitive website interface.
  4. The partnership with the MyRent platform enables accommodation owners to easily manage reservations.
  5. SEO optimization: Apartmanija.hr is distinguished by its expert team for SEO, which enables better visibility of accommodation facilities on search engines such as Google and increases their reach.
  6. High reputation: The site has a high degree of trust and reputation among travelers and accommodation owners thanks to detailed information about properties, guest reviews and precise location.
  7. Professional support: Apartmanija.hr provides professional support to travelers and accommodation owners, providing quick answers to questions and solving problems during the reservation process or stay.
  8. Adaptation to different budgets: Apartmanija.hr offers accommodation options for different budgets of travelers, which allows everyone to find the ideal accommodation that matches their financial capabilities. Regardless of whether you are looking for a luxury apartment or affordable accommodation, Apartmanija.hr has options for everyone.
  9. Security and trust: Travelers can be sure of the reliability of reservations and the quality of service provided by Apartmanija.hr, which creates a sense of security during the trip.
  10. Increased accommodation occupancy: Thanks to its wide reach and expert marketing strategies, Apartmanija.hr helps accommodation owners to reach a larger base of potential guests and increase the occupancy of their facilities.
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