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Innovations from the world of Channel Manager

After a successful season and recharged batteries, we returned full of energy and ready for new challenges.

On this occasion, MyRent organized a webinar on the topic Innovations from the world of Channel Manager, where we introduced you to everything news on which our team has worked diligently. In addition to the news, we also introduced you to the new MyRent services.

Highlighted Channel Manager innovations

advanced functions of myRent Channel manager

  • Channel manager - discounts and top-ups on booking portals
  • Making offers for several apartments / villas
  • Sale of excursions and transfers
  • MyRent B2B portal (connecting all users in one system)
  • Web portal StayPicker (Villas & Apartments)
  • light MyRent - a simpler version of MyRent
  • New statistics and reports
  • Receive inquiries from websites
  • messages and reviews
  • Group price change (how to easily manage prices)
  • Web templates (directly from myRent, ready web page)

We wanted to briefly and simply present the new MyRent services and explain how and why they are used. We will subsequently organize workshops where we will show you the above functions in more detail.

The webinar will take place on 21.10, and was led by Neven Palčec, the founder of MyRent.
If you missed something, don’t worry! You can watch a recording of the webinar on our website YouTube channel.

Here you can watch a recording of the MyRent webinar

"Innovation in the world of Channel manager"

myRent presentation

You can download the MyRent presentation here

"Incredible Channel Manager capabilities."

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How to manage accommodation in the age of the Crown virus (COVID-19)



Nowadays when we are at risk of viruses, these solutions can help you avoid all unnecessary contact with your guests. This is certainly another plus of MyRent smart locks as well as the MyRent system of self check-in guest registration.

Do you live in Zagreb and have a house on the sea? Do you have an apartment in the center that you rent, and you live outside the center? Do you have a house or apartment on one of our beautiful islands? Want to reduce contact with guests for a variety of reasons? If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in these practical tips for managing accommodation facilities.



Automatic check in / check out involves a type of smart lock or safe that allows guests to enter the facility on their own. MyRent offers several kind of smart locks which make your business extremely easy. Using this solution, you do not have to be present at check-in, which is great when guests arrive late or late so this solution is great for anyone who does not live at the address of the object being rented. It is also useful if you do not want to take risks if your guests come from countries affected by the corona virus.





Like any other accommodation unit, it is a must be active in as many ways as possible to achieve the best possible sales.

One way is to have your own website where with SEO data you can influence that you are more visible in the market to potential guests.
This can be achieved in 2 ways, take a template or booking engine and embed it in your page or make your page on some of the popular tools like this WordPress.

Another way is to advertise on  booking portal such as:, AirBNB, HomeAway, Expeda, HomeToGo etc.…
You need a system for this method Channel Manager which connects all these portals and which synchronizes calendars, prices and reservations



Similar to smart locks, there are many solutions that allow owners not to be present at the facility, and to be able to control things like air conditioning, heating, lights, etc. In this way, your guests can be greeted by a warm and lit facility. There are even apps that allow you to measure the amount of noise in an object. In case the amount of noise exceeds a certain limit, you get a notification and then you can react in time that you have no problems with the neighbors.

Whether you want to control your guests or just give them a "warm" welcome, tools like this are a great solution.



Since you do not live at the address of the accommodation facility, it is necessary to know people who can help you in various situations. We mean electricians, plumbers and other various "masters". Surely sooner or later there will be a situation when you will need their services. So it is good to be prepared in advance and react as soon as possible when something unexpected happens.

Make a list of all important people and save it to your mobile phone under the contact group of apartments or similar. Also, it is very wise to have such a list somewhere in the apartment, so that someone (usually a neighbor) can get to those contacts if you are prevented.

And lastly, trust the neighbors and leave them the key in case of any emergency intervention.


The Chinese do not say for no reason:
"A good neighbor is an invaluable treasure."
An old Chinese proverb



Since you do not live nearby, it is imperative that you have some sort of security system in place if you own valuables in your facility. The most common solutions in this regard are security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and the like. Many of these systems can be connected to your cell phone. In case the alarm is activated, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone.

Do not forget to mention to your guests if you use one of these models of protection, because the issue of privacy is certainly important when vacationing in an accommodation facility.

When installing my smart locks, MyRent usually comes across a fairly simple and practical solution, and that is fake security cameras. Fake security cameras are a great solution because they are very cheap, you can install them yourself without any problems, and your apartment looks much safer.



Since you will not be present at the check-in itself, it is definitely advisable to take some steps to make guests feel welcome.

Some of the ideas are:

  • Let the guest know that you have successfully received the reservation
  • Leave your guests brochures about hiking trails, beaches, bike trails and the like
  • Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, nightclubs.
  • Public transport information.
  • Contact us a few days before arrival and send the specified information by e-mail or simply send them a link from your website where the guest can visually see where he is coming and what is in the vicinity

Sending such emails is not difficult. Systems like MyRent's, which have email templates, greatly simplify all communication with guests.
Simply set up the system and let myRent do it all for you.

Trust us, the guests will be grateful great review!




Why not make extra money? Why not offer guests a trip (PLITVICE LAKES) or transfer (eg to your apartment). All of this is at our fingertips, we just need to be a little creative.

That’s why inside MyRent, there’s a module called guest portal. With it, you can offer your guests to charge for additional content with an online payment gateway.

And not only that, the guest portal provides guests with accurate information on where to come, your contacts, online map, weather forecast.

Perhaps the most important thing is that the guest portal also provides guest registration in eVzitior.

Today, it is extremely important that guests feel safe and if guests can check in to eVizior themselves without direct contact (that you touch your passport or ID card) all the better for the guests, but also for you.

Earn extra, but also provide additional protection to guests in the age of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and let guests enter the apartment themselves and let guests log in to eVizitor themselves





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    REPORT Days of family accommodation DOBS 2019

    REPORT Days of family accommodation DOBS 2019


    Thank you to everyone who came to the Family Accommodation Day in Dubrovnik and listened to our lectures.


    Those who joined us for the all-day workshops were able to learn more about topics such as:

    • What is and on what principle does myRent work
    • Advanced Booking Secrets
    • Advantages of service
    • What is self-check in, for whom is it intended and how smart locks can help you in this endeavor
    • How to run a business Facebook page of your agency or accommodation units
    • And how to advertise them on Google


    In order to remind you of what you have learned (or to learn something new), we have prepared all the presentations from our lectures for you.


    1. Neven Palčec, myRent: How To Make Money With A Website
    2. Darijo Saric, VipHolidayBooker: Secrets of advertising luxury accommodation
    3. Neven Palčec, myRent: Channel manager - one calendar for everyone
    4. Neven Palčec, myRent: Advanced secrets of
    5. Robert Stepančić, PBZ: Banking view of tourism
    6. Mario Kovačević, myRent: Smart locks
    7. Olivia Slade-Silovic, Lucija Vita Hanzic, ELVT Digital Hub: Facebook and tourism: Application of Facebook in tourism activities
    8. Filip Šinko Morandini, ELVT Digital Hub: Google Advertising Features: How do I reach my target audience on Google products?


    Thank you once again for participating in our workshops and we invite you to join us next year at the same place!


    Below you can see our gallery of pictures and how we felt at the DOBS 2019 Family Accommodation Day.


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    Family Accommodation Day (DOBS 2019)

    Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, November 21, 2019

    Sign up for DOBS 2019 via this link!


    DOBS 2019 will bring together the owners of holiday accommodation providers and all those involved in tourism in one place.

    As part of DOBS, we will present the latest technologies which are available to all owners of apartments and holiday homes.

    We have prepared for you guests from the world of tourism who will teach you how to successfully and efficiently run your apartments.

    In addition, you will be able to get acquainted with the latest smart lock technology, online accommodation billing, Channel manager technology (calendar synchronization), and at the end of the day, the happiest of you will win valuable prizes.

    Read below what topics await you.

    How To Make Money With Your Website


    Nowadays, websites aren’t there to just have them.

    In addition to serving as a presentation of our accommodation units, apartments, houses and villas, you can also make money with them.

    Our topic will be how to make money with a website.

    In addition, we will present the tools that support and support such sites, and we will bring you closer to the processes of online payment for accommodation services.


    Self Check IN (smart locks)


    Each generation of guests brings with them certain novelties.

    For example, most of today’s guests book their accommodation through a variety of online booking platforms.

    New generations of guests, in addition to online booking, expect and look for those apartments that have smart locks and that allow them flexible entrance to the apartment.

    They don't want to worry about the exact time of their stay - they want to have the freedom to come and go.

    Such guests are looking for apartments with smart locks and in the vast majority of cases are willing to pay a little more.

    In our presentation, we will show real examples of how to use the smart lock system, in which ways they can make your guests' stay easier, as well as the entire rental process.


    Accounts and how to calculate taxes


    VAT calculation has always been a sore point of tourism.

    Based on RRIF’s workshop on the subject, we have prepared a short presentation on the subject how to properly make a tax calculation and what all needs to be paid attention to.

    We will show you and how the invoice is issued, and which all notes the invoice must contain to be in full compliance with current law.

    Channel manager - one calendar for everyone


    Doing business today is becoming increasingly difficult without the technology of Channel managers, a myRent is one of the leading Croatian solutions in this technology.

    In 3 years, myRent has successfully connected over 150 booking portals, and we currently provide calendar synchronization for over 10,000 apartments.

    What is the principle of myRent, connecting apartments, defining prices, blocking days, but also other possibilities such as websites, online payment, invoicing will be the main topics of our presentation.

    Learn why tourism professionals work with myRent technology, and why myRent is one of the leading Channel managers in Croatia.


    Google Workshop


    In this workshop, we will explain how to advertise your accommodation through Google. Using a real-world example, we'll explain how text and banner ads work, and we'll explain video ads.

    In addition to ads, we'll teach you how and how to properly target your audience.

    We will end the workshop with the best examples from practice with focusing on the tourism sector and how to successfully track Google campaigns.


    Facebook workshop


    In the Facebook workshop, we will explain the difference between profile management and Facebook advertising.

    We will present best publishing practices and tips & tricks such as publication time, length of publications, with emphasis on visual content.

    We dedicated part of our workshop to running tourist Facebook pages (what and how).

    We'll also show you paid advertising options on Facebook (audiences, ad types, metrics, and goals).


    In addition to the knowledge we will pass on to you, you can also win valuable prizes!


    Visitors to the Design District and myRent booth will have to complete a creative prize assignment to win one of three valuable prizes.

    The prize competition will consist of an engagement on the myRent Facebook page: in order to win the prize, visitors will need to take a photo showing them attending the fair and having visited the myRent booth and workshop.

    3 most creative photos they will receive prizes, and their order will be determined by myRent's expert jury.

    * The accommodation reward can be transferred to another person.



    First prize

    • Spinner myRent
    • MyRent license for 3 units (1 year)
    • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)
    • Web page
    • Accommodation for Advent in the center of Zagreb with sauna and private parking included. Days: 24.12 to 26.12



    Second prize

    • Spinner myRent
    • MyRent license for 2 units (1 year)
    • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)
    • Web page



    Third prize

    • Spinner myRent
    • MyRent license for 1 unit (1 year)
    • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)


    Sign up for DOBS 2019!


    DOBS 2019 will be held on November 21, 2019. at the Valamar Lacroma Hotel in Dubrovnik. We are accepting applications until November 20, 2019. or until capacity is full, so hurry to secure your seat.

    Interested in how to make money with your new website? Do you want to allow your guests to enter and exit the apartment flexibly using smart (self check in) locks? Plus, the tax certainly doesn’t need to be a specter, and you can manage your accommodation units much more efficiently using a channel manager like myRent! You will learn how to reach your potential guests in today’s digital age at Google and Facebook workshops.


    Sign up for DOBS 2019 via this link!

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