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Meet Agoda! Webinar 2021.

Headquartered in Asia, Agoda is one of the world's largest and fastest growing booking portals.

Founded in 2005, today it is part of Booking Holding (BKNG) and operates in over 200 countries worldwide. As of June 2021, Agoda lists 2.5 million properties, including private renters.

A study conducted by Agoda suggests that when planning a trip, tourists from Asia most often use Agoda to find accommodation in Europe.
This fact is of great importance and benefits for private renters because guests from Asia primarily full pre-season and post-season.

In addition, tourists coming from China, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia like to explore tourist destinations, get to know the culture and gastronomic offer of the country in which they stay and do not spend time in accommodation facilities, which makes them ideal guests.

MyRent and Agoda webinar 2021.

November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m.

In partnership with Agoda, we will maintain webinar, November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m., on which you will Agoda Key account manager for our market to present their business module, the benefits of advertising on Agoda and their connection to

In addition, we have provided you with direct contact with Agoda's experts via a private link that you will receive on the webinar itself. Colleagues from Agoda will answer all your questions and if there are additional questions, they will directly arrange a subsequent meeting with you.

If you are not sure if Agoda is the right portal for you, be sure to join us for a webinar where Agoda representatives will answer all your questions and concerns.

Everyone is welcome to the webinar, and participation is free!

MyRent and Agoda


MyRent has a full connection with Agoda which means that from MyRent Channel manager you can make a complete ad on Agoda.

From MyRent to Agoda you can send:

  • prices
  • automated messages
  • images
  • descriptions
  • content
  • distances
  • availability
  • reservations
  • sign a contract

Agoda - Guest stats 2021

Guest statistics from Agoda from which country guests come and how long they stay


Did you know that Agoda is the fastest growing booking portal currently in the world? In addition, Agoda brings in top quality guests from the richest countries like America, Germany, France, England, Russia.

Agoda's guests are one of the best guests because they stay longer (Germans, Americans, Swiss stay on average about 10 days opa ..) and spend very little time in their apartments.

But most importantly, Agoda guests usually come in the pre and post season and full Your apartments, houses, villas and hotels just when other booking portals are giving up.

All this makes Agoda, one of the unavoidable booking portals and a place where your apartments, villas and hotels simply have to be!

On her own integration is simple and Agoda can be connected in just a few minutes.

All you need to have with you are pictures, descriptions and a price list, which you set in myRent, and everything else is automated and easily managed through myRent Channel Manager

Want to know more about Agoda & MyRent webinar?

Learn how MyRent Channel manager works with Agoda

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    General news

    6th Family Accommodation Forum 2021

    Organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Family Tourism Association November 12 and 13, 2021 will be held at the Pazin Memorial Home 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum".

    What is a Family Accommodation Forum?

    National Family accommodation forum (FOS) is the only national gathering of providers of catering services in the household (renters) from all over Croatia, which discusses current topics and offers educational content and networking with providers of products and services for family accommodation.

    FOS brings together the owners of catering services in rooms, apartments, holiday homes and camps, as well as in boarding houses and rural households, and is interesting for all micro and small entrepreneurs who follow current changes and trends in family accommodation.

    It was first held in 2014 in Opatija.

    FOS and MyRent

    MyRent is a proud partner of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum.

    On this occasion, MyRent will have its own exhibition space at this year’s gathering. We invite you to visit us, meet and make a toast to a successful upcoming season.

    MyRent, with his Channel Manager-om, is an official partner with over 100 booking portals. So in addition to good company, at our stand you can look for free advice and recommendations on how and where to advertise your accommodation units.


    MyRent rewards with 10 free websites!

    Recently, MyRent offers a website design service tailored to renters and their needs. For participants of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum MyRent has provided ten free websites for a period of one year.

    These are web template pages that are optimized for private renters - owners of apartments, villas, hotels, camps. The pages are made according to the latest technologies and SEO standards and are adapted for all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

    Why a MyRent website?

    • direct reservations
    • possibility of direct, online payment
    • contact form for easier communication with potential guests
    • blog posts, image gallery, reviews

    • fast making
    • the ability to easily manage a website using MyRent CMS system
    • Addition: anyone who wants to connect their accommodation units with over 100 booking portals can do so, at an additional cost, using MyRent

    How to get a free website?

    Every day is an opportunity to win valuable prizes!

    All you have to do is come to the 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum", find a MyRent booth and tell us a key term: MY WEBSITE

    On Friday, November 12, from 2 pm, we will share 5 websites with the fastest renters. On Saturday, 13.11. you can find us in the same place where we will share 3 pages from 11am and two more from 2pm.

    Use MyRent to attract guests and make direct reservations!


    Examples of MyRent websites

    Family accommodation forum 2021.

    During the two-day conference (November 12 and 13, 2021) there will be presentations on results, trends and innovations in legislation, an expert panel, educational workshops on sales, marketing and quality improvement, as well as an exhibition space where participants will have the opportunity to network with exhibitors of products and services relevant to family accommodation.

    Participation in FOS is free with mandatory online application.

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    100% link quality with

    MyRent Channel Manager link to is 100% accurate and high quality! strictly and regularly checks his partners and the stability and accuracy of their relationship. During the last evaluation, updated the link to MyRent and we are proud to inform you that we are among the few Channel managers assigned by 100% for connection quality.

    MyRent team works diligently to improve its services. We will notify you shortly of news regarding the link. 100% connection quality - myRent Channel Manager

    What does this mean for you?

    From MyRent, view and update your reservations and cancellations with security and ease, manage your booking calendar and prices, update descriptions and photos of facilities, set prices depending on length of stay and season, select terms of stay, create promotions and easily manage them.

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    General news

    MyRent news

    MyRent availability calendar

    MyRent has introduced a new calendar for facility owners and agencies. A quick overview that will allow you to easily and simply monitor the occupancy of facilities and respond in a timely manner to "holes in the calendar".

    MyRent allows you, if you have similar or the same objects, to fill certain "holes" in the calendar easily and quickly by transferring a reservation from one object to another. In this way, in MyRent you open a calendar in one object for a longer period of time and reduce or eliminate empty days in another object.

    Filter by time period, availability, content, reservation portals…

    MyRent integration with Metricool

    MyRent recently has a new tool for managing and analyzing social networks, Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

    Metricool is a comprehensive tool that will make it easier for you to plan posts and track the analytics of your social networks, create advertising campaigns, track website analytics, create reports… simply from MyRent.


    New MyRent email templates

    Starting next week, you will see new email templates on your MyRent profile. In our own experience, we have tried to make them as simple and clear as possible to use.

    We will be happy to listen to all your advice, suggestions or criticism.

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