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    Channel Manager

    Best Channel Manager in 2020



    Finding the right one channel manager It is not an easy task for your business given the huge number of products you can find in the current market. Understandably, there are so many channel managers and PMS system which you can find because anyone who manages more than two accommodation units on two or more channels will eventually feel the need to help with the day-to-day tasks that this type of business requires.

    A true channel manager is definitely becoming a key resource for renters who want to stay relevant and compete in today’s market.

    For those who aren’t too familiar with channel management and PMS systems, here’s a brief explanation. Channel Manager is software for effective sales management on many online distribution channels. This task is especially demanding for larger hotels and multi-properties with hundreds of rooms. The tool eliminates the need to manually change availability and stock prices on all portals - updates are made instantly and automatically everywhere. This is the most important feature of any channel manager, but there are so many other things to consider when trying to find the right one for your business.

    Some of the most important criteria are the following:

    OTA's available
    Type of tool
    What when it thickens
    Import, export
    How much music

    Channel Manager system users are better ranked on booking portals such as, Airbnb, Expedia, Homeaway,…



    You definitely want a Channel Manager that has many OTAs available for connectivity, and it is especially important to have the main ones (, Airbnb, Expedia, Homeaway, ..)


    Implementing Channel Manager can be a difficult task if you are left to your own devices. So try to find one that has a support team that is always available and ready to help.


    If you are an expert, you will surely look for a more sophisticated tool that can help you stay ahead of the competition. There are many Channel Managers that are the perfect tool for small private owners who have basic functionality and that’s perfectly fine, but anyone who is a professional in this business needs Channel Managers with more advanced features.


    The basics of Channel Manager functionality are primarily calendar synchronization and busy. Without this part, no tool can be considered a Channel Manager.

    We don't mean that iCal links, but every Channel Manager must have official links to the largest booking portals such as:, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway.

    In addition to calendar changes and occupancy, the basic function of the tool should certainly be the ability to change prices with the ability to manage price differences from portal to portal.

    This means that if you want to earn € 100 for a certain day, Channel Manager must be able to send a different price to each portal depending on their percentage and business model.


    A very large range of functionalist, we can consider under the advanced functions of Channel Manager. Some Channel Managers have the ability to modify images and descriptions, some the ability to create multiple price lists (especially popular for hotel systems).

    Then from the advanced functions we can single out automatic pricing, automatic generating email answers to guests, invoicing, down payment, synchronization with your website.

    So, when choosing a Channel Manager for yourself, be sure to pay attention to what Channel Manager has to offer and actually what you need in business. Keep in mind that as much as Channel Manager-and you are looking for, you will have to pay attention to several things, to make everything work properly. In addition, you will need to adjust the system and data at least once a year.

    However, all these functionalities help you to be much more efficient and professional, and to work with minimal errors during the season.


    It is very important that the software you choose is connected to the main payment gateways for credit / debit card data management.

    Some of the popular payment gatways are: BrainTree, Strip, WSPay



    Price is always an important criterion. Some Channel Managers have a fairly flexible determination model price so keep that in mind when looking for the right channel manager.

    However, two basic Channel Manaager billing models have emerged in the market:

    1. Percentage of received reservations (Maximum percentage: about 3%)
    2. Fixed monthly amount per number of apartments (Maximum price around 10 € / month for 1 apartment)

    Above these prices, you should not pay more, and you can count on these prices when you do the cost-effectiveness calculation of your Channel Manager.

    Of course, the model is your choice because it depends on your capabilities and business model. Be sure to ask your Channel Manager about both options when making your selection, and make a decision based on which model you want to work with.


    In recent times more and more, today's guests are looking for flexible check in. Slowly but surely, smart locks they are slowly entering everyday use.

    The ability of the Channel Manager to generate an automatic PIN for the reservation and to send it to the guest himself is something that significantly elevates you above the others. Such systems are in principle extremely profitable, because already in the first season they generate more arrivals, more overnight stays and thus your income increases.

    When choosing a Channel manager, be sure to pay attention to whether there is integration with smart locks and what kind. How many such installations do they have? Check with existing users if everything is OK and if they really have a quality and reliable system.

    ribbon channels

    Let’s check out some of the best Channel Managers and PMS currently available and what their basic features are.

    Definitely one of the best and biggest Channel Manager that has a lot of functionality. It is most often adapted to large hotels and hotel chains.
    It has connections with over 500 portal booking,  and an interesting fact is that they receive over 200 reservations per minute every day. Annual processing of over 105 million reservations.
    Really respectable !!

    PMS connectivity Google Analytics integration

    Supports multiple currencies Inventory management

    Two - way integrations Unlimited channels

    Multilingualism Centralized user and role management

    Bulk update Self-mapping channel

    Derived price lists Yield rules


    Channel Analytics  CRM system

    PMS connectivity  Built-in accounting

    Reservation management  Payment processing

    Rentals United
    Rentals United

    Availability by price type  Automatic channel update

    Booking engine |  PMS interface

    Increase / decrease rate per channel  Prices by type of exchange rate

    Prices by room type  Sales / availability overview

    Booking information is available for any channel


    PMS connectivity  Analytical dashboard

    Multi - currency support  Inventory management

    Two - way real - time integrations  Multilingualism


    Official API Links  Multilingualism Portal for owners

    Increase / decrease rate per channel  PMS interface

    Booking engine | Booking information is available for any channel

    Analytical control panel  Advanced invoicing system

    Payment processing  Mobile application  | Guest portal

    Whichever Channel Manager you choose, your life will be greatly facilitated.

    Below are the biggest changes you can expect in your business by choosing any of these Channel Managers.

    One application for all OTA and other channels, which saves a lot of time.

    Stock and pricing information is always updated with a single click on all platforms, and excessive posting is eliminated.

    Guest personal data is automatically added to the PMS.

    Much less likely for human error thanks to automation.

    Anyway, good luck in finding the best Channel Manager. We hope this helps you.





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      General news

      Free channel manager until first booking



      Given the current situation around COVID 19 and the uncertainty that the virus brings to the tourism sector, surely we all wonder the same thing: What will happen from the season?


      Unfortunately, neither we nor people much more professional than us have the answer to this question. The only thing we know is that our dear tourists will return to Croatia sooner or later, and our cities and beaches will once again open up to curious people from all over the world.



      MyRent Channel Manager & PMS, as a product was completely created in Croatia. At MyRent, we best understand the needs of all people involved in renting accommodation (because we are also renters) and that is why we are offering you our product completely free of charge right now. Until the moment when you get the first reservation because we think it will be a sign of the return of tourists to Our beautiful one.

      Check out why MyRent Channel Manager #1 first selection apartment owner



      Whether or not you already use some Channel Manager or not, you have nothing to lose if you try MyRent, and we’re sure you’ll gain a lot.

      With official API links to all essentials foreign agencies (AirBNB,, Expeda, HomeAway), we offer you a lot of other things that will make your job and life easier when things return to normal.


      Contact us and we will present you MyRent and all its advantages and we will provide you with free training and we will connect all your facilities with existing ads, all completely free of charge until the first reservation.




      For the rest, MyRent to you guarantees the best price and market conditions and then why pay more?

      It's worth a try, isn't it? ?

      Together in crisis, together towards new times!

      Let's talk! How can we help you?

      Contact us


        No matter which product or service you choose with us, we guarantee you the best price

        Do you think you have found a better offer from another supplier? And that's where we took care of you. Whatever the offer, we promise that we will charge you the same package for the same price, and you will continue to receive all the benefits that other MyRent clients receive. Of course, this offer does not include packages that cost 0.00 / $0.00 / 0.00% / 0.00kn, (coffee, brandy).

        For all other offers, such as channel manager, website development, property management, program for a travel agency, program for hotels we guarantee the best price and conditions.

        We at MyRent think we have the most complete  and the best system that we have completely built ourselves and do not depend on anyone and we are able to offer you the best conditions on the market.

        Why Pay More? Why settle for the worse? No need. Send us the offer of another supplier for inspection and we give you the same conditions.

        MyRent - Smart and professional solutions in tourism




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        Web page

        We launched a new website for Dominium

        We raised the Dominium! No, no, no, not that way. God, you don't think we are like that!

        We "built" a new web portal for them. We are extremely proud of what we managed to do for them, since we have specially integrated the search engine into the portal, through which guests can automatically search everything Dominium currently offers, and the site is fully integrated with MyRent, which means that any change on the portal or other booking portals automatically and at the same time shows on all pages and portals throughout the Internet! The site also has an integrated EasyBooker platform, which ensures that potential customers and guests, who may not be so used to the Internet, do not get lost in all possible options, but provides them with a simple interface and experience, so they can dedicate themselves to packaging for their selected trip!


        We would also like to point out, praise ourselves and our colleagues a little, and make you laugh a little, with a short story from the beginning of this weekend, on Friday, 31.5. Namely, within an hour since we launched their portal, Dominium received several direct reservations before they themselves were aware that the portal was already fully operational, so they, somewhat comically, called our customer service and in a worried tone on reported that they had a problem, and the problem was that they received reservations. When we asked what the problem was, they said again that the problem was that they received reservations, but that they did not know how.

        This example also points to the necessity of such projects and ventures with all other agencies of this type.



        22 Estates
        Cro Wonder
        My Luxoria
        Odette Apartments
        Orgon Luxury Croatian Villas
        Villa Valis
        VIP Holiday Booker


        CONTACT US

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        General news

        Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!

        All our loved ones, hear and hear!

        We have recently added a travel agency to our client partners Dominium Travel, which operates exclusively in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

        For those less knowledgeable, Dominium Travel is a well-known travel agency led by the even more famous Slavica Grkeš, winner of the 2017 Manager of the Year award and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Croatia today.


        The implementation of the whole package took a little over a month, during which time we managed to integrate our existing system into their existing one. Channel Manager and Property Managment System, as well as a special upgrade for the proprietary portal. Now owners have insight into reservations in real time, even via their smartphones, and can close appointments themselves. Not only does this guarantee the accuracy of the data and save time, but it also facilitates communication between the owner and guests or the owner and Dominium.

        Owners now have a lot more information about their guests, and are able to communicate with them through the MyRent platform, and see any additional guest requests wherever they are.

        We welcome all of them to MyRent, and look forward to what seems to be an extremely successful and long-lasting collaboration.


        For all interested owners from the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, MyRent proudly recommends Dominium Travel as an extremely high-quality and friendly business partner, given that the team consists of excellent professionals, which is the main reason why we believe that cooperation with Dominium is one of the best business steps for MyRent at the moment, which is not strange with such a director. led by Slavica Grkeš!

        For all contacts and additional questions, please refer here.

        Let's talk! How can we help you?

        Contact us



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          Channel Manager, New versions

          MyRent's new movement

          In case you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve upgraded our MyRent interface! This way, our and your dear MyRentić will always look beautiful to us, relax you, and all the most important information will always be on the screen. Best of all, with the use of Walpaper Engine, it is possible to set the entire MyRent portal as a wallpaper on your screen, retaining all the functionality of the portal!

          As you can see for yourself, there are encouraging sayings of celebrities in the lower left corner. These statements, as well as the background image, change on a daily basis, to provide you with better service and a nicer atmosphere while using MyRent.


          So that no one is left confused, this is just the MyRent home screen. Everything else is as it was, so there is no need for any additional education.

          The goal of this new one dashboard is to make available to our users and always visible the most important information that is of paramount importance to them, and also to make entering the basic parts of the system as easy as possible.

          Also, tom dashboard on the left side there is a display and access to all the functions that are crucial for the reception, while on the right side there are intended for classic accessories that are needed by every serious business person. All functions are updated in real time, so you can be sure that no booking will be delayed (unless an error occurs by other channels to which you are connected).

          Left side


          Current status and number of reservations

          Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all upcoming reservations or reservations that are currently active, and it is possible to change settings and data.

          Number of managed objects

          Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all the objects you manage, and it is possible to change the data and settings as desired.

          The number of owners you work with

          Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all the owners of the objects you manage, and by clicking on any individual owner it is possible to open an overview of all the details related to that owner.


          Clicking on the icon opens a new tab with a complete overview of the calendar and all its standard functions.

          Your facilities

          Clicking on the icon opens a new tab with a detailed overview of all objects, where you can make changes and perform all functions as usual.

          Guest list

          Clicking on the icon opens a new tab that takes you to a list of guests, both past and present, with all the details and information that guests have shared with you.

          List of rents

          Clicking on the icon opens a new card with a list of all rents that have been charged or are awaiting payment, as well as information about which facility and guest it is.

          Add a reservation

          Clicking on this icon opens a small pop-up window within which you can enter new reservations manually into the system.


          Number of scheduled arrivals for the current day. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all scheduled arrivals, including the facility, duration of stay, time of arrival, and more.


          Number of expected departures for the current day. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all departures, including the facility, duration of stay, time of departure, price of stay, and more.

          New reservations

          Number of new arrivals. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all new bookings since the last list review.

          Reservations canceled

          Number of newly canceled reservations. Clicking on the number opens a new tab showing all canceled reservations since the last list review.

          Right side

          On the right side there are classic elements, needed by every reception and more serious business person:

          • Username
          • Time
          • Date
          • Day

          Over time, we will implement even more user and administrator functions, as well as personalization dashboard, to enable you to use MyRent as efficiently as possible exactly the way you need or fit it.


          All in all, we hope you like this new look of the already well-known portal. Everything is the same as before, and yet, everything is new.

          As is usually the case, with the exception of questions about the purpose of life and other cosmic questions, for all inquiries for solutions to whatever is bothering you, feel free to contact us at:

          [email protected]

          NOTE: If we find out the answers to cosmic questions, such as the purpose of life, why cats have nine lives, or how the HDZ still manages to get votes in elections, we will let you know.

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          General news

          Up to more reservations in 3 easy steps!

          Airbnb recently released an article describing to customers how to make their ads more interesting and striking to potential customers. But the advice they gave in that article is not just applicable to Airbnb. In fact, on whatever listing and booking page you advertise, these tips will make your ad more special to anyone who views it, and thus increase the chance that the guest will choose your accommodation. And as much as these proposals are self-evident and perhaps even too simple, they are really worth their weight in gold.


          As soon as your ad opens on the screen of a potential guest, you will clearly see how much effort has been invested in the very visual presentation of the space. So, there is a clear difference between those who cleaned their space and hired a professional photographer, and those who decided to rent a place and immediately photographed the mess with a mobile phone and just "threw" it on online advertising.

          Clients want to see ads right away experience place - show them life through your household!



          A description that is clear and true will not only result in the first guests very quickly, but will, in the form of good ratings on the site, also result in regular guests and / or recommendations to other guests. You know very well what your space owns and what it doesn’t. Instead of, like some, dedicating yourself to creating fairy tales, prefer to clearly emphasize all the good and strong sides of your space, so that guests know well what they are getting.

          Like all people, your guests in real life prices reality, not fiction - give it to them!


          Users of various booking portals, especially young people, are not users who want hotel treatment. They are not only interested in where they will be located, but also who will host them. Show yourself and your hospitality in the best light, and anyone who passes by your ad will not forget you so soon, and after you finally prove it to the guests who stay with you, you will not only be remembered fondly, but the recommendations will be repeated. visitors just start to flock, and with them so do new guests.

          Most tourists today are looking for accommodation in household - Be host from a dream!


          If your potential customers through your ads get the impression that they already know you, there will be no need for anything else, and you will greet each other like old acquaintances when they step over your threshold.

          As you can see, our old saying is right: "It's not all in the shields!"


          Source: Tips to Stand Out (Airbnb)

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          General news

          Why rent legally through Airbnb?

          Ever since AirB&B, one of today's most popular short-term rental channels, arrived in Croatia a few years ago, there has been a frenzy. In just a few months, the number of legally registered renters in Zagreb has jumped from less than 200 to over 1,200, while today, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, we count over 65,000 households for short-term rent, which today provides real competition for hotel accommodation. This is also the reason why many would like to get involved in this business. But with all the possible articles you will come across that deal with tips on how to succeed, many of them do not mention the most important thing - the legal obligation.

          With the arrival of the AirB&B service, a new way came to enter the "gray zone" of renting, which is of course illegal. Renters, who rent in this way, can afford significantly lower prices than the competition, since they do not have to give almost anything to the state for expenses. So when it’s so easy to get pure money, then why are we telling you it’s bad? We decided to single out 3 pretty compelling reasons.



          First of all, just because illegal was supposed to be reason enough to avoid it. And as we all want your guests to come back again and again, a clean bill seems like the best way to make long love with your guests. Not to mention that you can't start any retirement savings or withdraw money from funds that are intended specifically for renters, and the fact that no one in their right mind will come to work without registration if you are looking for a worker.

          Still, it's a wonderful thing when you can let your guests stay in the accommodation with a clear conscience and not worry about anything else, except that maybe your cocktail bar is further from the beach than you thought.

          TOO RISKS

          As is usually the case, anything that is illegal is also legally punishable. Purely as information, in order not to go to work uninformed, the penalties in this sector of work are simply colossal, in the following ways:

          HRK 50,000 is the LOWEST possible amount of the fine if you are caught offering accommodation for rent to tourists and you are not registered as a trade / company;

          7,000 kn will be paid "per head" by an unregistered guest, while your guests will also be forced to pay a fine of € 400.



          CLIENTS KNOW

          The Internet is already full of articles, both foreign and domestic, that carry one and the same strong message: avoid cheap!

          By no means to blame, AirB&B has made it illegal to rent accommodation around the world much easier. But experienced users have learned to avoid the cheapest accommodation, and often when they go to a new country or city, they research well how prices move. For their own safety, they would rather pay € 100 per night more and sleep peacefully than risk paying a fine. By doing business legally, you make it easier and secure for yourself and others. Yet we all make a living from tourism!

          After all, most older guests are used to checking in at tourist offices on their own, so the moment they arrive at your accommodation, you’re already practically pissed, so why not just avoid it all?

          Believe it or not, MyRent operates completely legally, (we know, we know, and we’re surprised!), And our support team is always at your disposal. We will help you the best we can, or refer you to the best people for those things we can't help you directly with.

          And how to make your listings on AirB&B more striking, read here:

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          General news

          MyRent Recognition in Media

          Dear all, thanks to your trust, several important business media in Croatia have recognized MyRent's success as a company. Chief among them, and quite likely the most important one, is “Poslovni Dnevnik,” who have reported a sudden increase in our business, which includes, among other things, more than three thousand new rental units managed through MyRent. The number may sound unbelievable, but what's even less believable is the fact that we have concluded last year's business with a complete total of four thousand units, which means that since the start of the year, MyRent's family has nearly doubled its numbers in comparison to its total numbers since the company's inception!


 have also written about MyRent as part of their research into the quality and availability of Croatian Channel Management services, where MyRent showed a significant advantage in comparison to the competition in the domestic market. This conclusion is quite obvious once the above-mentioned company growth is factored in. Another way of looking at it is that this significant advantage may be the very reason for the above-mentioned company growth.

          Whatever the reason, were it not for all of You, dear and loyal members of our MyRent family, we would not be anywhere. That is why the MyRent team would like to take this chance and send you a big thank you for your continued trust!

          Let's show everyone that we can do even better, and kick this summer season out of the ball park!


          You can find the aforementioned articles at the following links, but the articles are in Croatian:

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          General news

          MyRent Takes Part @ 4th Regional Family Lodging Forum

          On Saturday, May 11th, at Hall III of the Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija, the 4th Regional Family Lodging Forum of the Primorsko-Goranska County will take place, starting at 10:00 am.

          MyRent will, of course, be present in full luster! As part of the event, MyRent CEO Neven Palčec will hold a short presentation on the importance of booking portals today, focusing especially on private renters such as many of our clients. As you all know, an unavoidable part of the presentation will consist of the quality and innovation of the services offered by MyRent, something that you’ve been well acquainted with already. Other topics of great importance to this branch of tourism will not be overlooked, either, and you can find below the full program to the event.


          For those who are unfamiliar with the organization, the National Family Lodging Forum is the only Croatian organization of rental service providers at the national level. They deal with current topics in this branch of the tourist business, as well as organize educational and networking seminars. The Forum gathers renters providing rooms, apartments, suites, lodges, and camps, both in city and village households.

          The greatest focus of the Forum is still on keeping all of the micro- and small-scale entrepreneurs completely up-to-date with all the current trends in family lodging, such as You!

          The 1st Forum gathering was held in 2014, in Opatija, after which the next two equally successful ones were held in 2015 and 2016, in Poreč and Zadar, respectively. They were all organized by the Family Tourism Community of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, founded in 2010. The Community eventually formed its own localized Sections, through which it successfully coordinates and educates renters all over Croatia.

          See you Saturday!

          Saturday came and went, and MyRent shone in Opatija in front of all the Forum's participants. Below you'll find we've given you a looksie into what Neven's presentation looked like. And if that's not enough for you and you want to know what the whole show was like, check out the gallery right here!

          If you were one of those kids who always wanted to earn the extra credit in school, good for you. Download Neven's presentation from the Forum, in .pdf format. Through it, you might get a closer feel for what the event was like, and what current topics and dialogue points are in respect to this branch of economy.

          Do you like it?