EU funds - call for small renters

Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector

Open call

The Call is open Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

The invitation is divided into 3 groups, and Group 2 refers to the Green and digital transformation of small renters and their transformation into entrepreneurs in tourism and catering.

Eligible Applicants: Natural persons who are existing renters or a group of existing renters

The total allocation for Group 2 is HRK 50,000,000, and the amount of support per Applicant ranges between 100,000 and 1,506,900 kuna. Grants are granted as grants of low value (de minimis), and the support intensity is 85%.

Applications are accepted until February 3, 2023

Purpose of the call

The purpose of this Call as part of Group 2 is the development of sustainable and year-round business of entrepreneurs in tourism through the development of a diverse offer and content with high added value, through encouraging investment in environmentally acceptable processes, supporting the digitalization of business with the aim of increasing the productivity of the company and better positioning of the company on the tourism market and with the aim of strengthening the resilience of companies in tourism through the activities of raising and improving hygiene, health and safety conditions and strengthening skills.

Also, the purpose of the Call within Group 2 is to strengthen social sustainability through increasing employment in local communities.

Subject of the call

The subject of this Call within Group 2 is to encourage investment in the transformation of accommodation capacities in households in family and/or specialized small hotels.  In the process of transformation, the modernization and improvement of the quality of accommodation facilities, the introduction of innovative contents with higher added value, the introduction of processes acceptable to the environment and resource efficiency, the introduction of digital technologies and the improvement of hygiene, health and safety conditions are encouraged.

The transformation of private renters into the following categories of facilities from the "Hotels" group is encouraged:

  • hotel
  • heritage hotel
  • diffuse hotel
  • aparthotel
  • tourist resort
  • pension

Eligible expenses

  • the cost of construction, reconstruction of buildings
  • furnishing of facilities, including furnishing related to digitization
  • introduction of green and digital technologies and business models based on circular economy, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency
  • encouraging the production of renewable energy
  • investment costs in achieving a higher level of energy efficiency of the existing building
  • introduction of solutions for sustainable use of water
  • the cost of ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
  • introduction of IT and communication solutions (software)
  • arrangement of green areas
  • costs for preparing the certification procedure and checking compliance with the requirements of certificates or eco-labels (EU ECOLABEL, EMAS, etc.)
  • costs of acquiring vehicles and vessels with zero or low carbon emissions
  • costs of lecturers and trainees that are directly related to training
  • utility contribution costs
  • the costs of preparing the necessary project-technical documentation
  • the costs of creating an environmental impact study
  • the cost of the tender documentation preparation service
  • project management
  • costs of professional supervision, etc.
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