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Family Accommodation Day (DOBS 2019)

Hotel Valamar Lacroma Dubrovnik, November 21, 2019

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DOBS 2019 will bring together the owners of holiday accommodation providers and all those involved in tourism in one place.

As part of DOBS, we will present the latest technologies which are available to all owners of apartments and holiday homes.

We have prepared for you guests from the world of tourism who will teach you how to successfully and efficiently run your apartments.

In addition, you will be able to get acquainted with the latest smart lock technology, online accommodation billing, Channel manager technology (calendar synchronization), and at the end of the day, the happiest of you will win valuable prizes.

Read below what topics await you.

How To Make Money With Your Website


Nowadays, websites aren’t there to just have them.

In addition to serving as a presentation of our accommodation units, apartments, houses and villas, you can also make money with them.

Our topic will be how to make money with a website.

In addition, we will present the tools that support and support such sites, and we will bring you closer to the processes of online payment for accommodation services.


Self Check IN (smart locks)


Each generation of guests brings with them certain novelties.

For example, most of today’s guests book their accommodation through a variety of online booking platforms.

New generations of guests, in addition to online booking, expect and look for those apartments that have smart locks and that allow them flexible entrance to the apartment.

They don't want to worry about the exact time of their stay - they want to have the freedom to come and go.

Such guests are looking for apartments with smart locks and in the vast majority of cases are willing to pay a little more.

In our presentation, we will show real examples of how to use the smart lock system, in which ways they can make your guests' stay easier, as well as the entire rental process.


Accounts and how to calculate taxes


VAT calculation has always been a sore point of tourism.

Based on RRIF’s workshop on the subject, we have prepared a short presentation on the subject how to properly make a tax calculation and what all needs to be paid attention to.

We will show you and how the invoice is issued, and which all notes the invoice must contain to be in full compliance with current law.

Channel manager - one calendar for everyone


Doing business today is becoming increasingly difficult without the technology of Channel managers, a myRent is one of the leading Croatian solutions in this technology.

In 3 years, myRent has successfully connected over 150 booking portals, and we currently provide calendar synchronization for over 10,000 apartments.

What is the principle of myRent, connecting apartments, defining prices, blocking days, but also other possibilities such as websites, online payment, invoicing will be the main topics of our presentation.

Learn why tourism professionals work with myRent technology, and why myRent is one of the leading Channel managers in Croatia.


Google Workshop


In this workshop, we will explain how to advertise your accommodation through Google. Using a real-world example, we'll explain how text and banner ads work, and we'll explain video ads.

In addition to ads, we'll teach you how and how to properly target your audience.

We will end the workshop with the best examples from practice with focusing on the tourism sector and how to successfully track Google campaigns.


Facebook workshop


In the Facebook workshop, we will explain the difference between profile management and Facebook advertising.

We will present best publishing practices and tips & tricks such as publication time, length of publications, with emphasis on visual content.

We dedicated part of our workshop to running tourist Facebook pages (what and how).

We'll also show you paid advertising options on Facebook (audiences, ad types, metrics, and goals).


In addition to the knowledge we will pass on to you, you can also win valuable prizes!


Visitors to the Design District and myRent booth will have to complete a creative prize assignment to win one of three valuable prizes.

The prize competition will consist of an engagement on the myRent Facebook page: in order to win the prize, visitors will need to take a photo showing them attending the fair and having visited the myRent booth and workshop.

3 most creative photos they will receive prizes, and their order will be determined by myRent's expert jury.

* The accommodation reward can be transferred to another person.



First prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 3 units (1 year)
  • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)
  • Web page
  • Accommodation for Advent in the center of Zagreb with sauna and private parking included. Days: 24.12 to 26.12



Second prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 2 units (1 year)
  • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)
  • Web page



Third prize

  • Spinner myRent
  • MyRent license for 1 unit (1 year)
  • Application for logging in to eVizitor (1st year)


Sign up for DOBS 2019!


DOBS 2019 will be held on November 21, 2019. at the Valamar Lacroma Hotel in Dubrovnik. We are accepting applications until November 20, 2019. or until capacity is full, so hurry to secure your seat.

Interested in how to make money with your new website? Do you want to allow your guests to enter and exit the apartment flexibly using smart (self check in) locks? Plus, the tax certainly doesn’t need to be a specter, and you can manage your accommodation units much more efficiently using a channel manager like myRent! You will learn how to reach your potential guests in today’s digital age at Google and Facebook workshops.


Sign up for DOBS 2019 via this link!

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The company MyRent launched in 2015 by the brothers Neven and Davor Palčec. It's about a complete, integrated and automated system for managing private accommodation. It was initially intended for agencies and small renters, but young entrepreneurs have also developed a version for hotels.

"We are agency tool which contains all the elements they need in business: links to booking portals, reservation synchronization, guest registration, financial module, online payment, website… “, explains Neven Palčec, director of the company.

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