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News and notifications related to system updates. Here you can find news related to new versions, new functionalities of the myRent channel manager system and property management system

Channel Manager, New versions

MyRent's new movement

In case you haven’t noticed by now, we’ve upgraded our MyRent interface! This way, our and your dear MyRentić will always look beautiful to us, relax you, and all the most important information will always be on the screen. Best of all, with the use of Walpaper Engine, it is possible to set the entire MyRent portal as a wallpaper on your screen, retaining all the functionality of the portal!

As you can see for yourself, there are encouraging sayings of celebrities in the lower left corner. These statements, as well as the background image, change on a daily basis, to provide you with better service and a nicer atmosphere while using MyRent.


So that no one is left confused, this is just the MyRent home screen. Everything else is as it was, so there is no need for any additional education.

The goal of this new one dashboard is to make available to our users and always visible the most important information that is of paramount importance to them, and also to make entering the basic parts of the system as easy as possible.

Also, tom dashboard on the left side there is a display and access to all the functions that are crucial for the reception, while on the right side there are intended for classic accessories that are needed by every serious business person. All functions are updated in real time, so you can be sure that no booking will be delayed (unless an error occurs by other channels to which you are connected).

Left side


Current status and number of reservations

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all upcoming reservations or reservations that are currently active, and it is possible to change settings and data.

Number of managed objects

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all the objects you manage, and it is possible to change the data and settings as desired.

The number of owners you work with

Clicking on the number opens a small pop-up window through which it is possible to search and view all the owners of the objects you manage, and by clicking on any individual owner it is possible to open an overview of all the details related to that owner.


Clicking on the icon opens a new tab with a complete overview of the calendar and all its standard functions.

Your facilities

Clicking on the icon opens a new tab with a detailed overview of all objects, where you can make changes and perform all functions as usual.

Guest list

Clicking on the icon opens a new tab that takes you to a list of guests, both past and present, with all the details and information that guests have shared with you.

List of rents

Clicking on the icon opens a new card with a list of all rents that have been charged or are awaiting payment, as well as information about which facility and guest it is.

Add a reservation

Clicking on this icon opens a small pop-up window within which you can enter new reservations manually into the system.


Number of scheduled arrivals for the current day. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all scheduled arrivals, including the facility, duration of stay, time of arrival, and more.


Number of expected departures for the current day. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all departures, including the facility, duration of stay, time of departure, price of stay, and more.

New reservations

Number of new arrivals. Clicking on the number opens a new tab with a detailed list of all new bookings since the last list review.

Reservations canceled

Number of newly canceled reservations. Clicking on the number opens a new tab showing all canceled reservations since the last list review.

Right side

On the right side there are classic elements, needed by every reception and more serious business person:

  • Username
  • Time
  • Date
  • Day

Over time, we will implement even more user and administrator functions, as well as personalization dashboard, to enable you to use MyRent as efficiently as possible exactly the way you need or fit it.


All in all, we hope you like this new look of the already well-known portal. Everything is the same as before, and yet, everything is new.

As is usually the case, with the exception of questions about the purpose of life and other cosmic questions, for all inquiries for solutions to whatever is bothering you, feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]

NOTE: If we find out the answers to cosmic questions, such as the purpose of life, why cats have nine lives, or how the HDZ still manages to get votes in elections, we will let you know.

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myrent channel manager airbnb cancellation
Channel Manager, New versions

AirBnB - New cancellation policy 2018

Airbnb allows hosts to choose between three standardized booking cancellation policies (flexible, moderate and strict) that are implemented to protect both guests and hosts. The strict cancellation policy is further divided into Strict, Super Strict 30 days and Super Strict 60 days, and the newly added Strict with a period of forgiveness.

myrent channel manager airbnb cancellation ribbon 02
100% refunds within 48h of booking and 14 days before check-in.
For a full refund of accommodation costs, cancellation must be made within 48 hours from reservation and at least 14 days before check-in local time (or 15:00, if not specified) on the day of check-in.
myrent channel manager airbnb cancellation ribbon 01
50% refund up to 7 days before check-in.
For 50% refunds, cancellations must be made 7 full days before check-in local time (or 15:00 if not specified), otherwise there is no refund.

If you have set a strict cancellation policy and have not made any changes, your cancellation policy will now automatically be updated to the new version.

Source: AirBnB Cancellation Policies

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Channel Manager, New versions

Automatic prices

It's over!

It ticked off vigilance over price lists and manual price changes and minimum stay times. Automatic price control has arrived! From now on, MyRent automatically adjusts your prices and minimum stay time to fill in the blanks in your calendar.

Fix your holes in the calendar,
don't let reservations leak to you!


Euro more, cent less!

Fill in your accommodation units and patch the holes in the calendar. MyRent automatic price control gives you the ability to manage prices smartly. Once initialized, the system works completely autonomously (set and forget). Raising, lowering sales prices by a percentage or a certain amount the system does for you.


Time is money, not wasted time you lose money. That’s why we recognize the need for a full calendar and strive to help you fill every second of your precious calendar with reservations.


By applying automatic price control, the MyRent system recognizes a hole in the calendar. As the day off to be filled approaches, the system starts to reduce the price by the amount you have previously set (eg -10%), for the periods you have set (eg 1 day or 1 hour).


As the day off approaches the end of the reservation period, the system opens the last minute possibility of booking and adjusts the price of the accommodation unit.


Minimum stay. Why? How?


The system automatically recognizes the days left, if the group of days is less than the minimum stay time provided for that date, the system will automatically change the minimum stay time on those days to match the hole in your calendar.


The only manual change you have left now is to change gears behind the wheel of your tin pet!
But it is a pleasure…

For all questions feel free to contact our experienced customer support which will be happy to help you.


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Channel Manager, New versions

HomeAway certified connection

Connect your units to HomeAway!

We kindly ask all those interested to contact us, in order to connect your HomeAway account. MyRent allows you to connect with a two-way connection to HomeAway. Open your accommodation units to new markets.

Connecting accommodation units is completely free for MyRent users.

Contact our experienced customer support to guide you through the merger and join the HomeAway family. By connecting accommodation units with a MyRent connection, you also connect to the portals: Abritel, Fewo-direkt, Homelidays, VRBO, Vacation Rentals .

According to the rules of HomeAway, it is necessary to have a minimum of 5 accommodation units ready to connect.

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Channel Manager, New versions and Channel manager

What is has been mediating for more than 20 years and has partners throughout Croatia. They offer over 20,000 holiday homes, apartments, hotels and resorts.

As a recognized member of the German Association of Travel Agencies (DRV), is a respected intermediary for accommodation units.

Thanks to good positioning on Google and other Internet search engines, as well as professional marketing, you can reach high numbers of reservations through the booking portal Furthermore, it takes over the entire booking process for its customers.


Advantages of advertising

Free advertising

Advertising of accommodation units is free. takes a commission only in case of a successful reservation.

Professional website

On the portal, you have the opportunity to present your accommodation unit in the best possible way through pictures and descriptions, thus ensuring a larger number of reservations.

There is no contractual obligation

You can still collaborate with other booking portals and receive direct bookings. Your ad on the portal does not require exclusive binding.

Partnership with Channel managers

Channel managers with can exchange bookings and reservations via the API connection.

Technical Support customer support team is available at any time by e-mail or telephone to facilitate the entry and management of accommodation units.

Reservations takes over the entire booking process for its users. This includes the contract and payment processing and sending travel documents (vouchers, instructions…) to guests. and MyRent channel manager

certified API connection

MyRent is an official partner with the booking portal

Over it official API links, it is possible to synchronize the reservation calendar with each other. is working on improving its connection, and soon MyRent users can expect complete synchronization, ie MyRent will be able to create a complete ad on the portal.

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