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General news

Promohotel and Days of private renters

Promohotel 2023

38th international fair of food, drinks and equipment for tourism

Promo hotel is an international fair of food, drinks and equipment for tourism.

The 38th edition of the fair will be held in Poreč, in the Žatika Hall from February 22 to 25, 2023.


The fair is intended for everyone in the tourism sector - hotel owners and managers, travel agencies, private renters, owners of cafes and restaurants.

The aim of holding the fair is to bring tourism workers closer to world trends in hospitality and tourism, and thus contribute to the promotion and development of the city, county and the Republic of Croatia.


All participants through exhibitors and lectures will have the opportunity to learn about new technologies, trends, products and services that can improve their business.

The exhibition program consists of:

  • hotel equipment and cosmetics
  • catering equipment and inventory
  • food and desserts
  • appliances for preparing hot drinks
  • cooling devices, catering, showcases for ice cream and cakes
  • alcoholic beverages as well as craft beers
  • paper goods and decoration programs
  • heating and renewable energy sources
  • textile industry
  • production of beds and mattresses
  • wellness program
  • professional cleaning equipment
  • equipment for exteriors and interiors
  • floor coverings and aluminum joinery
  • wood-based furniture
  • computer programming
  • business Advisory
  • education, etc.

Days of private renters

Promohotel, 24.2.


As part of the Promohotel fair, we invite you to lectures - Days of private renters.

During the Day of Private Renters, you will get to know the latest technologies in tourism that facilitate everyday processes for renters with numerous tips and a series of interesting lectures.

You will have the opportunity to find out:

  • how to achieve savings in apartment management with innovative technologies
  • everything about the new Slovenian and Croatian booking portal
  • how to apply and what are all the possibilities of the Google platform for tourism
  • a simple tool that connects you with all the world's booking portals
  • what is Channel Manager and what are its capabilities

Participation is free with mandatory registration.

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General news

EU funds - call for small renters

Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector

Open call

The Call is open Strengthening sustainability and encouraging the green and digital transition of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

The invitation is divided into 3 groups, and Group 2 refers to the Green and digital transformation of small renters and their transformation into entrepreneurs in tourism and catering.

Eligible Applicants: Natural persons who are existing renters or a group of existing renters

The total allocation for Group 2 is HRK 50,000,000, and the amount of support per Applicant ranges between 100,000 and 1,506,900 kuna. Grants are granted as grants of low value (de minimis), and the support intensity is 85%.

Applications are accepted until February 3, 2023

Purpose of the call

The purpose of this Call as part of Group 2 is the development of sustainable and year-round business of entrepreneurs in tourism through the development of a diverse offer and content with high added value, through encouraging investment in environmentally acceptable processes, supporting the digitalization of business with the aim of increasing the productivity of the company and better positioning of the company on the tourism market and with the aim of strengthening the resilience of companies in tourism through the activities of raising and improving hygiene, health and safety conditions and strengthening skills.

Also, the purpose of the Call within Group 2 is to strengthen social sustainability through increasing employment in local communities.

Subject of the call

The subject of this Call within Group 2 is to encourage investment in the transformation of accommodation capacities in households in family and/or specialized small hotels.  In the process of transformation, the modernization and improvement of the quality of accommodation facilities, the introduction of innovative contents with higher added value, the introduction of processes acceptable to the environment and resource efficiency, the introduction of digital technologies and the improvement of hygiene, health and safety conditions are encouraged.

The transformation of private renters into the following categories of facilities from the "Hotels" group is encouraged:

  • hotel
  • heritage hotel
  • diffuse hotel
  • aparthotel
  • tourist resort
  • pension

Eligible expenses

  • the cost of construction, reconstruction of buildings
  • furnishing of facilities, including furnishing related to digitization
  • introduction of green and digital technologies and business models based on circular economy, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency
  • encouraging the production of renewable energy
  • investment costs in achieving a higher level of energy efficiency of the existing building
  • introduction of solutions for sustainable use of water
  • the cost of ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
  • introduction of IT and communication solutions (software)
  • arrangement of green areas
  • costs for preparing the certification procedure and checking compliance with the requirements of certificates or eco-labels (EU ECOLABEL, EMAS, etc.)
  • costs of acquiring vehicles and vessels with zero or low carbon emissions
  • costs of lecturers and trainees that are directly related to training
  • utility contribution costs
  • the costs of preparing the necessary project-technical documentation
  • the costs of creating an environmental impact study
  • the cost of the tender documentation preparation service
  • project management
  • costs of professional supervision, etc.
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myrent channel manager
General news

The role of myRent in communication with guests

Interview with the tourist agency Rovinj Advisor

Rovinj Advisor is the leading agency in Rovinj and the surrounding area, which has advanced its rich tourist tradition and hospitality skills with the modern solutions it provides myRent.

Read below what theirs told us about their many years of experience with our services founder and director, Vedran Ilakovac.

How does myRent help you communicate with your guests?

myRent it helps us a lot. Especially since we really use the option intensively email templates ("template")  which is useful for us because we can create a template in 4 different languages, and the mail is then forwarded to the guest in the language he uses. That's really cool for us.

It is also very good for us that myRent works in cooperation with the communication tool "Twilio". In this way, we also send SMS messages very simply. And the option is especially useful for us email triggers ("timer") with which it is very easy to set when and to whom an individual mail is sent, with the fact that multiple recipients can be specified.

Can you give us some examples of situations where you use the myRent e-mail "template" and "timers"?

We use them very often. Here are just a few examples:

At the time of booking, we send the guest an email confirming that we have received their reservation. This makes life especially easier for guests who book accommodation through the site It happens relatively often that the guest only looks at the photos that are on the cover, and not the photos of the apartment he booked. In the email that the guest receives at the time of booking, we send a link to our page where you can see all the details of exactly the apartment that he booked. In that "timer” we know how to write some particularity of the apartment in question that the guest may have overlooked at the time of booking. A concrete example would be when the guest expects a view of the sea, even though he did not book an apartment with that view. Thus, with the initial email, we eliminate any problem at the very start.

myRent is full of details, which may seem complex at first, but we think it's great. This is why we can very easily send all the necessary information to the guests through the "timer". For example, 3 days before the guest's arrival, we send the owner of the accommodation "voucher" (booking confirmation) with all the details he needs to welcome the guest. There is information about whether the guest has paid something in advance and how much needs to be paid. What is very good is that it is accurate worked out net price. In this way, the owner has a clear overview of the amount due to him for a specific reservation.


We also send the guest the detailed information he needs 3 days before his arrival. Using myRent, we send a folder with instructions on the easiest way to get to the accommodation in question, as well as other tips that could be useful, in the language the guest uses.


The fact that the email contains the owner's contact number and a request for the guest to contact him before arriving makes our work especially easy. In this way, the guest is in direct contact with the owner. Since guests used to call us when they came to Rovinj and had difficulty finding the location of the accommodation, we can say that this is a big improvement and time saving compared to the period before we used myRent.


Furthermore, we have several facilities where we play the role of "host". And here again, through myRent, we set all the additional data and instructions how can a guest enter the apartment by himself and using the link register yourself in the "eVisitor" system. So we don't have to wait for him on the spot, or even at the agency. In this way, the guest is satisfied because he does not have to waste time from his vacation looking for an agency and accommodation, and we are also satisfied because we saved a lot of time and effort again.

guest mail

How much do you think quality communication affects the overall impression of the guest?

Quality communication is very important. The guest gets the impression of professionalism, quality, accuracy, promptness. And above all trust, which is very important in this business.

Do you find that guests leave reviews more often because you remind them after they leave?



Using the automatic "timer" that is sent to the guest after leaving the accommodation, we ask him to evaluate his stay. When he does, the review automatically appears on the website which then means a lot for SEO sites, but also for future reservations.

And not only that, we also ask the guest to rate us as an agency on Google. Since we started this practice, the number of reviews has multiplied many times over.


Apart from communication with guests, do you use myRent e-mail "template" and "timers" for some internal processes or some other situations?

We use them very often, and here are a few examples: if we have an object where we need to pay an advance payment, for example, 14 days before arrival, we very simply set it up within the myRent system, which sends reminders to our email.


Then, we have a few landlords who can't have it check out and check-in on the same day. Then they ask us to block one day between bookings. And we set it very simply in myRent, and when we receive the reminder, we manually block the day before and the day after the reservation.


We also have a set "timer" that notifies us if the guest we asked to pay an advance within 3 days has not done so. In this way, we do not have to actively monitor whether someone has paid or not, but the system itself informs us.


We also have several renters who do not rely on e-mails or SMS, but we have to call them to inform them about a new reservation. And we enter that very easily in myRent, which then sends us a notification when we receive a reservation for such a renter.

Do you think that in addition to this method of communication, guests can be offered some additional service, such as excursions or car rental?

Of course. The possibilities are limitless. It is possible to put anything in the mentioned emails. At the moment, we send links to external transfer services to our guests via a "timer", if they request it.

We are currently dealing with the idea of how to include excursions, tennis school, a recommendation for a restaurant and the like.

The importance of a website

for the business of travel agencies

In addition to successful and professional communication with the guest, it is important to have a functional and attractive website.

Web page I present a showcase of your business. It is often the first impression that potential guests make and the initial contact between you and potential guests, as well as the place where the travel agency sells its services (without additional commission).

A quality website of an agency should contain basic and important information about the agency as well as the accommodation units, excursions or transfers that it offers. In addition to the above, it is good to have a simple and attractive booking engine so that the agency can easily sell its services over the web and thus increase its profit.


An excellent example of such a website is tourist agency Rovinj Advisor.

What our users say about us:

Do you want to improve communication with future guests?

Try myRent for free!

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    General news

    Digitization of travel agencies

    Digitization of travel agencies

    16.11.2022. at 10 a.m

    As in previous years, this year we would like to present the latest solutions that will help you in the digitalization of your business.
    That is why we hereby invite you to free webinar On topic Digitization of travel agencies where we will present new and advanced myRent functions.
    The webinar will be held on November 16, 2022. starting at 10 a.m.
    Location: Zoom
    Duration: 1.5 h
    Language: Croatian

    News that we will present to you

    • Document management – saving all important documents (PDF, Word) by locations, accommodation units, owners
    • Chat - the possibility of communication between employees within your team
    • Transfers - collect and manage transfers from myRent
    • Excursions - simply offer guests excursions and guide them within myRent
    • Smart locks - the possibility for your guests to enter apartments, villas and mobile homes by themselves
    • Smart climate control - save on electricity costs
    • Bad reviews – recognize the guest who leaves bad reviews
    • Black list - recognition of problematic guests
    • CRM - Record of all activities of your guests
    • Advanced price adjustment - surcharges
    • Advanced price change method (group change, percentage)
    • Discounts - by period, number of nights, etc...
    • Advanced maps for camps and resorts
    MyRent PMS
    • Reviews - and Airbnb
    • Messages - and Airbnb
    • - creating ads
    • Expedia - ad creation
    • Holidu - transition to a new version of the API
    • Holidu payments – a new payment method
    • Home2Go - connection with booking portals eDomizil, Atraveo, Tui Villas
    • VRBO - instant price change
    • Google Vacation Rentals - Google booking portal
    • Sniffer tourism - booking portal
    • Bolha tourism - booking portal
    • Revolut (payment)
    • Stripe (payment)
    • Issuing invoices - a new way of calculating VAT
    • Transition to EURO
    Untitled design (25)
    • Android
    • iOS
    NL - app

    Guest lecturer

    We are pleased to announce that Mr. Vedran Ilakovac from the Rovinj Advisor travel agency will join us on the webinar.
    With more than 10 years of experience in tourism and over 500 properties in Istria, Vedran will share with you his experience and advice on organizing business in myRent.
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    General news

    Google Vacation Rentals - a threat to leading booking portals?

    Millions of travelers use internet search engines every day (such as Google-a) to find and book accommodation. The number of searches with the intention of finding vacation accommodation is constantly increasing.

    To respond to this demand, in 2019 Google created Google Vacation Rentals, a product that integrates short-term rental listings.


    Google Vacation Rentals is the latest addition to Google's suite of travel search products aimed at simplifying the user experience.

    But how can renters use this to attract more bookings?

    In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about Google Vacation Rentals—how listings are shown to guests, the benefits, and how to get listed in the first place.

    What is Google Vacation Rentals?

    Platform Google Travel Desktop becomes the place where Google users can plan their entire trip.

    The search giant, with its powerful algorithms based on data and machine learning, wants to create a travel platform for users based on their interests and preferences.

    Google Vacation Rentals is part of the search engine's effort to improve the search experience, making it easier to plan and book trips through Google.

    In 2011, the company introduced Google Hotel Ads, which display hotel room availability and prices directly in search results. Their next travel product was Google Flights, which works in a similar way, making it easy to buy airline tickets.


    And from 2019, holiday accommodation listings also appear in Google search results, making it easier for travelers to find and book alternative accommodation.

    Advantages of advertising accommodation facilities through Google

    Now that you know what Google Vacation Rentals is and what it does, let's take a look at some of the reasons why advertise accommodation facilities on Google:

    • Google has a global reach – your short-term rental properties will be visible to millions of travelers.
    • Highly qualified audience – you'll target people who use Google to plan, compare and book travel.
    • Direct bookings - currently Google does not charge for making reservations so you will get direct bookings without commission
    • Generate income directly from your website - Google can be another in a series of sales channels where you can advertise your accommodation facilities, and if you use the Channel manager, your work is even faster and simpler.


    • Make sure you have an SSL certificate. Google penalizes insecure websites and guests will not feel safe booking through them.
    • Each of your objects should have their own URL on your website so that Google recognizes them as separate units that they can promote.
    • Use human-readable URLs that do not have search parameters such as question marks and numbers.

    Google as a booking portal

    One of the ways that potential guests can use Google to find vacation accommodation (villa, apartment, room, campsite...) is to search using the Vacations Rentals page on the platform Google Travel.

    Google Travel is a product for organizing and searching trips that works on the concept of "everything in one place". Through the platform, you can search for flights, hotels and other forms of accommodation (rooms, apartments, villas), activities within the destination, etc.

    It's one tool you can use to organize your entire trip.

    It works on a similar principle to other booking portals such as HomeToGo or AirBNB.

    Dear myRent partners,


    Something new and exciting is coming!

    Why myRent?

    myRent News

    Promohotel and Days of private renters

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    EU funds - call for small renters

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    The role of myRent in communication with guests

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    Digitization of travel agencies

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    General news


    Willow is booking portal which offers more than 2 million accommodation for rent in over 190 countries. It is visited by 15.9 million different visitors a month, while the site is viewed as many as 257 million times a month.


    Read below 5 Vrbo trends for 2022.

    Children decide

    5 Willow trends in 2022

    The parents relented as well involve your children in the vacation planning process.

    Compared to pre-pandemic periods:

    • 50% families said they are more likely to allow their children to decide where to go on holiday
    • 1 in 3 parents will allow their children to invite a friend
    • 43% parents are more likely to allow their children to skip school for the holidays

    While parents plan to please their children and treat them to new trips, they also prefer quality time - 61% families said they are more likely to demand that their children be disconnected from the internet and their devices on holiday.

    In this way, families can indulge in changing the landscape and enjoy precious time together.

    Pet-friendly vacation

    5 Willow trends in 2022

    Many families adopted pets during the pandemic because they spent more time at home and were able to spend more time with their new furry friends.

    It is noted increase the demand for pet-receiving accommodation units by 40% compared to the previous year according to statistics recorded by Vrbo.

    In addition, more than 70% respondents are pet owners, and 68% of these pet owners have traveled, plans to travel or they love to travel with their pets.

    When asked why they want to bring their pets on vacation, they said:

    •  they don’t like to leave them and want the whole family (including furry members) together

    Early wounded

    5 Willow trends in 2022

    An old saying goes, whoever grabs two fortunes early.
    In 2021, booking activity occurred - on average - 2-3 months earlier than usual for several major travel seasons.

    The survey showed that 60% respondents answered yes they plan to book their vacation earlier than they did in the days before the pandemic. Of these, 43% said they would book their vacations 3-5 months in advance.

    Work hard and travel even more

    5 Willow trends in 2022

    During the pandemic, distance work and virtual schooling allowed families to travel more and combine work with vacation.
    We expect families to continue to combine with each other - 44% families said they are more likely to work remotely from a place other than their home, and it has been noted increase in demand of 68% for a stay of 21 - 30 days on the Willow.

    Undated searches also increased by 33% compared to the previous year, indicating that people cared less about traveling during
    school holidays and vacations, are open to escape on a trip whenever they wish.

    Mountain houses

    5 Willow trends in 2022

    On the Willow mountain houses are experiencing an increase in demand by almost 85% from year to year.

    The most popular are those located on the shores of the lake or located in the woods.

    It is not difficult to understand why these charming and idyllic properties are desirable accommodation for a peaceful vacation with family or friends.

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    General news

    Lecture on "Channel manager functions" held

    Guest lecture at the Faculty of Economics and Tourism

    On Monday, March 21, as part of the course "Digital Tourism" in the first year of the graduate level of the study "Tourism and Development", Faculty of Economics and Tourism “Dr. Mijo Mirkovic ” A guest lecture by Neven Palčec, Director of MyRent on the topic of “Channel Manager Functions” was held in Pula.


    The focus of the lecture was MyRent channel manager and property management and the potential offered by technology for the development of accommodation units.

    On that occasion, Neven presented the functionalities of the system, gave an overview of the competition and the target market.

    An additional complementary product was presented at the lecture: smart locks and the role and benefits they have for accommodation in tourism.


    MyRent as a professor

    We are always happy to share our knowledge with students, associations, tourist boards and everyone else who is willing to listen to us. Feel free to contact us to learn together:

      What do MyRent users say?

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      General news

      Airbnb commission

      The business model of online booking portals is based on a commission, which means that you pay them a certain percentage for each booking that comes through the portal.

      In general, all hosts that advertise through Airbnb and are users of Channel manager in Croatia have only one available commission model called Simplified Pricing, ie fee only for the host.

      Airbnb the commission is 15%.

      Switching to a 15% fee is a good solution

      and does not affect the business of the host

      Historically, Airbnb has had a unique fee structure for all hosts, in which a service fee is charged to both host (3%) and guest (up to 14.2%).

      Based on feedback from many professional hosts, they launched a new host fee option that uses Channel manager to remove the guest service fee and give hosts more control over pricing. This fee structure is known as Simplified Pricing.

      What does that mean?

      Airbnb will deduct a fixed host service fee (15%) from each payment and will not charge an additional guest fee.

      This will not affect existing bookings, but will apply to all bookings made after the transition to simplified host fees.


      A simplified service fee structure will allow the host a simpler pricing strategy as they will be able to determine what guests will pay.

      Airbnb will also highlight the fact that no service fee is added to your prices, making ads more appealing to many guests. Hosts who decided to change and keep their prices competitive on all portals recorded an overall increase in their bookings (17% *).


      * On average, an increase in provisions was recorded for hosts using the simplified fee, in Europe between November 2019 and February 2020. Actual results may vary for each host.

      How to avoid a reduction in earnings and wisely use simplified fees for hosts?

      Adjust prices (if necessary). Since a higher service fee will be deducted from host payments, you may want to adjust your prices through your Channel manager to cover the difference and ensure that earnings per booking remain the same.

      Before adjusting prices, keep in mind that it is important to stay competitive in the market.

      Example of commission

      In an interview with Airbnb, they confirmed to us that users who use the shared fee module do not gain an advantage.

      As an example, we have prepared two ads.

      The first ad has a simplified fee (the fee is paid only by the host), the second ad has a split fee (the fee is paid by both the host and the guest). The ads have similar total prices, but the first daily price shown is neutral relative to the commission model.

      Interested in how Channel Manager makes it easier to advertise through the booking portal?

      Try Channel manager for free

        Users about us:

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        General news

        Digitization by EU Funds

        Dear users,
        we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming tenders for grants from EU funds. Digitization vouchers are grants that SMEs (hereinafter referred to as SMEs) can receive to digitize their business.

        They are issued as part of reforms and investments for the Economic sector, for the component of resilient, green and digital economy, as stated in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026. (NPOO) compiled and submitted by Croatia in July 2021.

        The competition for grants "Digitization Vouchers" has been announced for the first half of 2022. The tender will finance investments in the development of digital transformation strategies, digital marketing, complex digital products and services, digital skills and cyber resilience.

        The target population of this investment is SMEs that want to develop a digital business model, all with an emphasis on innovative projects.

        Vouchers are divided into 5 types ie they can be obtained for 5 categories of services, depending on the needs of the company:

        1. Voucher to improve digital skills
        2. Voucher for digital transformation
        3. Digital Marketing Voucher,  involves creating a web shop
        4. Cyber Resistance Voucher
        5. Voucher for the development or application of complex digital products and services

        One company can take advantage maximum 2 types of vouchers per call, and three calls are expected in the next 5 years.

        The NPOO defines for each type of voucher the maximum amount and the maximum number of vouchers that will be awarded in each call.

        MyRent has experience in the field of EU funds and is behind us a number of successful projects

        Digitization with grants from EU Funds


        • Improve functions and design Web pages!
        • Do you have new ideas in mind? Make complete new WEB page!
        • Direct reservations through your WEB page!
        • Still haven't digitized your business? Make your life easier and introduce Channel Manager!
        • Expand your online business, introduce booking excursions and transfers!
        • It takes time to welcome guests, you are not always able to be at the location of your accommodation unit? Introduce smart locks to your facilities!
        • You don't know how to stand out from the crowd? Join clusters and become competitive in the market!
        • How much does myRent charge for writing and running a project?
        1. Most of our costs are covered by MyRent directly from the competition itself, because in each competition there is a part of the eligible costs for writing and running the project.
        2. For the preparation of the tender, MyRent initially charges HRK 3,000, in order to cover the basic costs, the hourly rate of EU consultants working with MyRent.
        • How will MyRent help you with project preparation and implementation?
        1. We have many years of experience in preparing projects co-financed by EU funds,
        2. We help develop a project idea, which increases the chance of getting a voucher,
        3. We prepare the entire project documentation for the application,
        4. We monitor the client during the project evaluation process,
        5. We implement the project in accordance with the defined provisions,
        6. We mediate in connecting the client with potential digital service providers!
        • What is your task?
          1. Have a neat business
          2. Have no tax debt
          3. The company must not be blocked
        • When will the project start?

        At this stage, these are just announcements of EU projects and MyRent is receiving user interest in the projects.
        This is a great time to prepare, because in this period, until the tenders start, it will be possible to develop an idea and a basic project plan.

        In addition, such preparation is necessary in order to be ready to apply for a project together, because the speed of application greatly increases the likelihood of obtaining funds from EU funds.

        • How can I apply for EU funds?

        Very easily, all you need to do is fill out the contact form and MyRent will contact you and arrange a meeting with you, where we will check your business together and see which EU projects you could apply for.

        See other competitions on the page EU FUNDS.


        Digitization with grants from EU Funds

        TYPES OF VOUCHERS Maximum amount of vouchers for one project Number of projects per call Max. Number of projects in total Budget on call Budget total
        DIGITAL SKILL IMPROVEMENT VOUCHER 75,000 kn 63 190 4,830,000 kn HRK 14,500,000
        VOUCHER FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY 75,000 kn 37 110 3,000,000 kn 9,000,000 kn
        DIGITAL MARKETING VOUCHER 75,000 kn 66 200 5,000,000 kn 15,000,000 kn
        CYBERNETIC RESISTANCE VOUCHER 110,000 kn 66 200 7,333,000 kn 22,000,000 kn

        Digitization with grants from EU Funds


        Digitization with grants from EU Funds

        The purpose of the digitization voucher is strengthening the capacity of SMEs to implement digitalisation and start the process of digital transformation. Vouchers will be able to be used for the implementation of specialized training, digital marketing and other services. This program will be developed in close collaboration with businesses, centers of excellence and tertiary education providers to create a superior environment that will attract young talented individuals and experienced mentors and retain a future skilled workforce.

        Target group: SMEs in collaboration with research institutions and large companies
        Total amount: HRK 75,000,000.00
        Grants: from HRK 75,000 to HRK 150,000
        Eligible activities and costs:

        1. Vouchers for digital marketing - up to HRK 75,000

        Eligible costs:

        2. Vouchers for improving digital skills - up to HRK 76,000

        Eligible costs:

        • training of software design experts
        • artificial intelligence and security
        • educating data management professionals and developing new digital skills related to cloud computing

        3. Voucher for digital transformation strategy - up to HRK 75,000

        Eligible costs:

        4. Voucher for cyber security - up to HRK 110,000.00

        Eligible costs:

        • Preparation of safety and technical reports
        • Data throughput check
        • Penetration tests

        5. Vouchers for the development or application of complex digital products or services - up to HRK 150,000.00
        Eligible costs:

        • services of research and development entities which may include material costs incurred as part of development services, eg prototyping

        Expected release date: 2nd quarter 2022

        Give us the opportunity to show you our knowledge and help simplify and improve the business system!
        Take a look at our already done projects and decide to trust us yourself 🙂


        Digitization with grants from EU Funds


        The purpose of this investment is to support digital transformation Croatian companies by providing financial support for the introduction of digital solutions in business. This investment will enable an increase in the capacity for digital transformation of enterprises through procurement digital tools and equipment and strengthening human capacity to develop and implement new products, services and processes.

        The grant for business digitization provides funding for the implementation of digital solutions based on detailed research into the needs of digitization. Research can be funded through digital transformation strategy vouchers or from other sources.

        An acceptable business digitization project includes the following:

        Target group: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 249 employees)
        Total amount: 206,000,000.00 HRK
        Grants: up to HRK 700,000

        Eligible activities and costs:

        • procurement of equipment and software
        • employee education
        • salary cost for the period of work on the project
        • overheads, consulting services

        Expected release date: 2nd or 3rd quarter 2022

        Consultants for EU Funds - COOPERATION

        Digitization by EU Funds

        You are a consultant for EU Funds or do you know people who are experts in this business?
        Contact us and cooperate with myRent!

        We will help you with state-of-the-art technology in tourism, experience with previous projects, project plan and idea.

        We have our hands full so we welcome new members of our project team.
        We invite everyone who has the will and desire to learn to help us realize new projects, and at the same time improve their skills.

        Contact us in time to prepare well for the development of projects and be first on the list for funding.

        Contact us!

        Digitize your business!

        Do you have an idea and don't know how to realize it? No problem!
        The MYRENT TEAM team loves challenges, the realization of new and creative ideas!

        Have an idea and don't know how to get started?

        Contact us with confidence! We respond as soon as possible!

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          MyRent & RevNGo
          General news

          MyRent & RevNGo webinar

          Meet RevNGo

          Booking portal RevNGo and MyRent Channel manager webinar

          In partnership with RevNGo, we held webinar on which it is RevNGo Key account manager for our market presented their business module, terms, benefits and advertising opportunities on RevNGo.


          The webinar is intended for everyone who has their own accommodation facilities for rent and travel agencies and want to learn more about RevNGo, how to advertise and their way of doing business.

          RevNGo & myRent webinar

          Webinar recording

          MyRent and RevNGo connection

          Thanks to the official API connection MyRent-as booking portal RevNGo, it is possible to synchronize the information on accommodation reservations.


          Over it MyRent according to RevNGo it is possible to synchronize reservations, calendar, prices.

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