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HomeToGo Channel Manager

Your next step in improving your business

We are pleased to inform you that the MyRent family has a new member, HomeToGo one of the largest and most awarded booking portals in the world!

HomeToGo is the largest search engine for accommodation units in the world, they decide on the quality and size of the portfolio that extends to more than 200 countries. Expand your online presence.


Two-way connection

Prices, pictures, descriptions, availability

Connecting to HomeToGo for MyRent users works via Full Content Bidirectional connection and thus synchronizes images, descriptions, prices and availability your accommodation units. You do it all in real time!

After registering the connection, your MyRent account content is automatically synchronized with the HomeToGo portal and that's the end of your work! Any additional changes are also sent in real time from MyRent to HomeToGo.


Automatic payment

No additional contracts and fees

To make the booking and billing process easier and faster, with the MyRent and HomeToGo connection, you also get the option of automatic payment of credit cards for bookings that arrive from the HomeToGo portal.

Make your business easier today, by signing up for the HomeToGo application form below!

Connection registration

Nothing easier

Registering a new connection has never been easier! All you need to do is add HomeToGo to the B2B settings of your MyRent account and fill out the application form, right!

Open the doors of your accommodation units to 26 million guests worldwide!



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