HomeToGo Channel Manager

MyRent is the official partner with HomeToGo portal and has an official API connection.













Thanks to the official API connection MyRentwith a booking portal HomeToGo, it is possible to synchronize various information related to accommodation reservations. Busy, reservations, prices, amenity, images and descriptions make complete and detailed information needed by the guest and the owner of the accommodation.

Through MyRent, the accommodation owner can easily create new facilities and advertise them on other booking portals such as HomeToGo. The HomeToGo page automatically displays the accommodation ad and is ready for guests to move in. This is a great advantage of MyRent over other companies, the owner can directly manage all his accommodations from one and a clear place.

MyRent is a professional solution for tourism professionals. In addition to the listed items that it syncs, MyRent also syncs additional surcharges per person, services and other preferences. MyRent and HomeToGo have security system which allows guests and owners to carefree surf and pay.

MyRent is recognized as a quality and reliable company that has many satisfied customers from around the world. Reliability, progress and simplicity best describe MyRent.

HomeToGo channel manager

HomeToGo channel manager | MyRent Channel Manager API

MyRent is an official partner with HomeToGo. Over it official API links, MyRent can establish communication with the HomeToGo channel manager and vice versa.

Over it HomeToGo channel manager and MyRent channel manager at all times they send information to each other related to reservations. It is a reliable and fast connection, and when it is established, the data is automatically sent to each other so the user does not have to worry about whether both parties have received the data.

It takes place through the channel manager image synchronization, price, calendar, booking, amenity and description. With well and clearly written code, the transfer of information between channel managers is fast and reliable.


What is a channel manager?

General information about HomeToGo channel manager data synchronization

Channel manager is a system that takes care of all guest reservations in one place. All information about the reservation, guests, prices, dates, notes are sent to the HomeToGo channel manager who very skilfully organizes, maintains and updates it all.

When the guest books and pays for the apartment on the partner booking website then all the information about the guest and the reservation is recorded and sent to the HomeToGo channel manager. The channel manager processes this data by synchronizing it with other booking portals. At that time, other booking portals receive this information, and remove the currently booked accommodations from their pages, so users can have an up-to-date and accurate insight into free bookings for other accommodations.

HomeToGo channel manager, except accommodation reservation synchronization, offers and synchronization of images, prices, calendars, amenity and descriptions. With HomeToGo channel manager, accommodation renters can now completely relax knowing that they now have all the guest information in one place and are available anytime and on any device.

Synchronization of accommodation information via HomeToGo channel manager

Reliable and always up to date

Find out what synchronizes with MyRent and other booking portals when you search for accommodation on HomeToGo.

When a guest searches for accommodation on HomeToGo, the accommodation ads contain a gallery of images, short descriptions of the price, the booking portal where the ad is located, the size of the accommodation, the number of maximum guests, the number of rooms and other descriptions related to accommodation.

All of these items are synchronized with the HomeToGo channel manager when loading the HomeToGo main page, and then with the MyRent channel manager and other partners. In this way, guests can always get the latest information about the accommodation and find out if the accommodation has already been booked.

The ad can be shared with other social networks or your friends via a link. If the guest likes the accommodation and plans to book it, he can very easily add it to the wish list, which is also synchronized with other information.


Image synchronization via HomeToGo channel manager

No loss of quality


A picture is like 1000 words, so it is very important to have a lot of pictures. Accommodation advertising is based on the display of images on the ads, which is why the HomeToGo channel manager pays special attention to the synchronization of images.

HomeToGo channel manager can quickly and reliably sync images with MyRent and other booking portals. Due to the good development and quality of the HomeToGo channel manager, it is possible to synchronize larger images very quickly.

Despite the large number of images that the channel manager handles, all images are well organized and stored in original quality so there is no danger of losing quality. The system organizes the images by saving them in a gallery for each accommodation, thus making them easy to maintain and display on the web.













Price synchronization via HomeToGo channel manager

Manage prices

Through MyRent you can determine the prices of your accommodation units. Once you set prices, MyRent will sync prices with the HomeToGo channel manager. After synchronization, the prices will be immediately visible to guests on the HomeToGo portal.


The pictures show the differences in the prices of reservations for the same accommodation, and what it looks like on the ad page on HomeToGo. For the first 4 people, the price per night is the same, and for more people the total price increases slightly.

If the price for 4 people is divided by 4, it turns out that for one person a night costs 51 €, while for another person the total price would be higher by only 16 €. These benefits are recognized by many guests, so they decide to travel with family or friends. With this way of offering, accommodation owners can be sure that their accommodations will always be full.

Let your guests enjoy the holiday, and you with them ?.

Amenity synchronization via HomeToGo channel manager

Everything that your accommodation can offer to the guest.

Thanks to the quality and fast connection of MyRent with the HomeToGo portal, it is possible to see all the latest details and information related to accommodation on the ad. With each item that syncs with HomeToGo, MyRent and other booking portals, detailed information about it is linked.

You can edit the information about the accommodation itself, and describe it with this information on the ad. Does the accommodation have a dishwasher, is the room air conditioned, is there internet, is smoking allowed, is the accommodation a kitchen, coffee maker, toaster, refrigerator, ice maker, nice view of the surroundings, large balcony or terrace, what is the maximum number allowed person in the accommodation, the square footage of the accommodation and count other useful and interesting information.

All this is quickly and securely synchronized, and well organized in HomeToGo channel manager, MyRent channel manager, and at the same time in other partner companies. HomeToGo, MyRent and other booking portals are continuously working on more detailed descriptions of accommodation and activities. This would offer the guest even more ideas and opportunities for a dream vacation.


Synchronization of textual descriptions of accommodation via HomeToGo channel manager

Sometimes the images alone are not enough though


Images are the basis of any quality ad, but without an additional textual description of the accommodation, the guest could have various sub-questions. Here comes the detailed text descriptions written for each accommodation on the HomeToGo portal. The texts are concise and easy to read, and they contain everything that could interest a guest.

To make reading even easier, faster and more interesting, there is a word search bar above each text. When the desired word is entered, then the parts of the word that contain the entered letters will be colored on the main text. This method also allows the visitor to navigate the description more easily and clearly.

The texts as well as the complete page can be searched in several languages. For the visitor, the HomeToGo page will be automatically translated into the language of the current location of the computer from which he is surfing. It is also possible to translate the page into the preferred language by selecting the desired language at the bottom of the HomeToGo page.

Like other information, HomeToGo channel manager is very happy to synchronize text descriptions of accommodation ?.

Synchronization of accommodation location via HomeToGo channel manager

Where is the accommodation located?

With Google maps, the guest always knows the exact location of the accommodation he likes and its surroundings. With a large map display on the HomeToGo page, the guest will be able to easily and clearly find their accommodation.

Google maps allow the visitor to easily move around the map with a mouse and see the surroundings or other places. Google maps also provides information on a multitude of facilities such as office buildings, shops, accommodations, shopping malls, etc. The guest can now know exactly everything about other facilities near his accommodation.

Just as HomeToGo channel manager syncs and updates location data, so Google maps updates its information about new objects.


Calendar synchronization via HomeToGo channel manager

Time of stay


The guest can quickly and easily select the desired date of stay. Some accommodations on the HomeToGo portal have a defined minimum number of nights. Most guests stay much longer and extend their stay.

When selecting the arrival and departure dates, the HomeToGo channel manager system automatically checks with other booking portals whether the dates are free. If dates have already been booked, the occupancy notice is clearly displayed on the calendar and vice versa.

Synchronization of the calendar on HomeToGo with other booking portals is fast and reliable.

Ways to pay for accommodation on the HomeToGo portal

Bank transfer, cash or credit card

Depending on the accommodation, guests are allowed several types of booking payments. The guest is allowed payment via bank transfer, cash and credit cards. The owner of the accommodation chooses the method of payment. Many accommodations on the HomeToGo portal have the option to choose payment for all 3 methods.

HomeToGo offers payment in different currencies. Currency selection can be determined manually or automatically. In automatic selection, the currency depends on the location of the computer from which you are surfing. Online payment takes place with secure and reliable data transfer via the SSL security layer.


Sync bookings via HomeToGo channel manager

Guest accommodation is here!

With the HomeToGo channel manager, the guest can quickly book your accommodation without waiting for more synchronization. Booking information will also be synced with other partner companies such as MyRent.

MyRent can receive detailed down payment instructions via booking. The advance can also be defined via MyRent for each accommodation uniquely, and can be proposed by the owner of the accommodation. It is a payment method where the guest has to pay one part of the cost immediately and the other part can later.


Login via MyRent to HomeToGo

MyRent also offers registration for other booking portals


MyRent offers 45 days of free use of the MyRent channel manager and property management system (PMS).

  1.  To log in to MyRent you need to fill out a very short and simple one application form.
  2.  After registration it is necessary to enter the accommodation units with information about the price, description, pictures, location, and other items. MyRent has developed its own validator to verify these items.
  3. A login request is then sent to HomeToGo. If the user already has all the entered data on accommodation, they will not need to fill it in again.
  4. After a successful request, the user team of MyRent and HomeToGo will receive information about the request and enroll you in the system.
  5. When you open a HomeToGo profile, you will receive an ID number that you will enter in the profile on MyRent. This completes the login to HomeToGo via MyRent. The whole process takes place within 24 hours.

Through the MyRent profile you can very easily manage accommodation units on HomeToGo or on some other portal where you are logged in.

Where all this data is sent

Mutual communication of the booking portal

All this booking information is automatically sent to the HomeToGo channel manager. Information on booked accommodation is also updated with other booking portals.
In this way, booking portals receive information about booked accommodation. With their help, they know what are the remaining free apartments that they can advertise on the Internet.



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