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About HomeToGo in general

General information about the HomeToGo portal


HomeToGo is a booking portal founded by Patrick Andrae, Wolfgang Heigl and Nils Regge in 2014 in Germany. The portal offers search over 18 million accommodations in over 200 countries, and is in partnership with Booking.com, Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and many other booking portals. The idea of creating this portal was to make it easier to search and book accommodation on the Internet, which resulted in merging several different booking portals into one search engine. Today, the portal has millions of satisfied users.

HomeToGo is the world's largest search engine for vacation rentals. The site contains a unique portfolio of the best and most well-known holiday rental providers for customers. Whether for a family vacation, day trips or a romantic trip, HomeToGo finds the perfect holiday accommodation for any occasion.

HomeToGo offers the best holiday accommodation units all on one website, allowing guests to compare accommodation prices of more than 1000 service providers in over 200 countries. Once the guest finds their dream accommodation, they can simply click on the link that will be redirected to the HomeToGo partner website and complete the booking.

How a guest can make a booking on HomeToGo

Choosing the desired destination has never been easier!

In the search field, the guest can easily enter their travel destination, along with the desired dates and the total number of guests. A list of objects available during these dates will be displayed. It is possible to refine the search using various filters, such as benefits, prices, locations, etc.

After the guest selects the offer he likes, he can choose "view the offer" for additional details. It is always possible to check the availability of accommodation and get the total price of the stay, by simply selecting the date in the calendar, adding the number of guests and clicking on "book now". The reservation will be confirmed after the personal data form is completed and after the terms and conditions set by the provider have been read and accepted.


Other information about the HomeToGo portal

Interesting facts


Over 18 million accommodations in over 200 countries, over 1,300 partners and millions of satisfied customers worldwide. You will easily find the HomeToGo page precisely because of its uniqueness and quality website design. During 2017, the company recorded an exponential growth in the number of users, and in 2019 it even significantly surpassed Airbnb in the number of users.

The portal is gaining numerous users every day, which makes HomeToGo more and more popular. Due to the large number of users and popularity in the market, HomeToGo is constantly working on new ideas.

HomeToGo growth

The road to success

One of the major contributions to the success of HomeToGo was SEO (website optimization). Many competing booking portals did not pay so much attention to their website optimization, which helped HomeToGo to better market and maintain a good position. Over the years, HomeToGo became more and more popular, even so popular that in 2017 the company recorded an exponential growth in the number of users, and in 2019 it significantly surpassed the world-famous company Airbnb in terms of number of users and popularity. Statistics also show that users like to spend a lot of time searching the site.

Despite the success and awards for expressed quality optimization, HomeToGo is working tirelessly on further improvement, even better optimization and new ideas.


A special feature of HomeToGo

The special feature of HomeToGo is that it offers guests instant reservations, a unique and simple design, is one of the most popular booking portals, has a well-developed system for searching and storing reservations and is upgraded with new ideas.

In addition, HomeToGo has millions of satisfied customers, and the reason is that the company is in constant contact with customers, analyze and improve the system, offers and wishes of customers, and provides customers with over 18 million accommodations worldwide.

Instant reservations on the HomeToGo portal

Instant Booking is a type of online booking that automatically confirms your travel booking requests. It allows travelers to book your property immediately and get instant confirmation.

When the guest enables Instant Booking, all booking requests are automatically confirmed. The guest's credit card will be charged for the initial amount, the guest will receive an email confirmation containing the details of the reservation, and the details of the reservation will be automatically updated in your reservation manager. All this, without additional costs or risks, check-out is possible at any time!


HomeToGo search filters

HomeToGo also offers the option to filter the desired content. The user is offered categories: facilities, price, rating, location, type of accommodation, free cancellation, popularity and track prices.

The variety of such categories offers a better selection and greater guest satisfaction.


Price tracking on the HomeToGo portal


One of the filters on the page that allows even better insight into overnight prices. With this filter, the guest can get the average price of a night in that place, and will also get a list of the best rated offers.

Price tracking is a preferred item that most guests like to use when searching. It is a process in which the system finds the most favorable accommodation based on the guest's budget, ie the type of accommodation for which the guest is interested. The system works in a way that it automatically collects prices from other booking portals and already searches for special offers so that the guest can get through as cheaply as possible. In addition, the guest can also compare prices.

Many guests use this item and according to their comments, it is the best way to save money.



When the guest finds accommodation that suits him on the HomeToGo page and clicks on the "view offer" button, then the page will be automatically redirected to another booking page that advertises the selected accommodation and then the guest will be able to book accommodation. For online payment, the guest needs to fill in the form on the card payment page.

After booking, the guest will need to arrange an arrival and departure time with the service provider. In some cases, the guest can directly discuss personalized check-in and check-out times with the owner, while some properties only allow certain periods of time. If this is the case, you can find this information in the Terms and Conditions of the holiday accommodation provider.


How to Sign Up for HomeToGo


At the top of the page is a button to log in or create a user profile. Creating a profile allows for a better analysis of user preferences and preferences. When the guest searches for accommodation again, HomeToGo will automatically offer him a list of similar places that the guest has searched until then, and with additional filtering of content that the guest chooses, the guest can get the best and highest quality accommodation that suits his wishes.

Targeted audience

Lovers of travel, exploration and enjoyment

HomeToGo is a global search engine and brings together accommodation units from all the world's leading portals, such as: VRBO, Booking, Airbnb, Expedia.

Accommodations around the world for all those who love to travel, explore and enjoy. Guests can travel solo or in company. Prices are suitable for all budgets. It is intended for an audience that wants to have an overview of the entire offer in one unique place, and compare the offers of local places.

It allows you to pay for accommodation via: credit cards, transactions and cash, and thus provides its guests with flexible reservations. The site is made user-friendly so that it is very simple, modern and clear to use, even for older people, and in addition it is clear to work on smartphones.


Relaxation and fun

HomeToGo offers the best accommodations worldwide for all budgets. This wide range of accommodation includes numerous apartments, luxury hotels, hostels, boats, luxurious castles, villas, houses, camps, boarding houses and everything else that one can imagine.


With 18 million quality accommodations and quality services, HomeToGo is today one of the leading booking portals in the world in terms of quality and number of users.

About the functionality of the website

How does it all work?


With the simple and clear design of the site, guests can very easily find the desired accommodation and book it. When searching and booking, the HomeToGo website system ensures that the information is always up to date with other partner booking portals. The system also allows you to view reservations, departures, arrivals, filter content, and offers the option to select card payment, bank transaction or cash.

To book accommodation, it is necessary to select the desired accommodation. After selecting, the HomeToGo page is automatically redirected to the page of the booking portal where the ad for the selected accommodation is located. Finally, the payment takes place on the redirected page. If the ad is already on the HomeToGo page, then there is no need to redirect to the page of another booking portal.


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