Igor Petrović

"I simply cannot imagine managing my finances and managing a travel agency without MyRent. Everything I need is in one place - from managing finances to managing sales channels.

MyRent is an amazing tool that allows me to efficiently manage my travel agency. With their Channel Manager, I can easily connect my facilities to multiple sales channels, giving me greater visibility and reaching a wider audience of guests.

As for managing finances, MyRent provides me with all the necessary tools and functionalities. All my invoices are automatically created with accurate information and easily sent to accounting. This saves me time and reduces the possibility of mistakes.

MyRent has become an indispensable part of my business, providing me with a comprehensive system for managing my travel agency and finances. Thanks to this tool, I can be sure that I have everything I need to successfully run my agency and achieve growth.

I highly recommend MyRent to all travel agency owners who want to facilitate their business, improve efficiency and achieve success in the market. Try MyRent and experience all the advantages this tool provides."

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MyRent – VipHolidayBooker

MyRent has been key to our success in business. When we started, we only had 50 rental units. However, thanks to MyRent, we were able to expand our offer and reach as many as 500 units in just one year. Without the MyRent platform, this would simply not be possible.

MyRent provided us with a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities that we needed to successfully run our business. Their Channel Manager enabled easy connection with various booking portals, which significantly increased our visibility and availability to guests around the world. We were also able to effectively track and manage our facilities, reservations, inquiries and invoicing, all in one place.

MyRent was incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Their support team was always there to help us and answer our questions. In addition, we benefited from fast and reliable communication with our guests through the MyRent platform.

Without a doubt, MyRent has been a key partner in our business success. Thanks to them, we were able to grow and make significant progress in our field. We highly recommend MyRent to all accommodation owners and agencies looking to grow and succeed in the rental industry. With them, your business potential is unlimited!



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MyRent – Aero Studio Zagreb

MyRent is an indispensable tool in my daily work. At all times I know all the information I need - who is coming, when they are coming and what I need to clean. Thanks to MyRent, my work becomes much simpler and more efficient.

I never miss reservations or waste time manually entering information again. MyRent allows me to have all the information in one place, quickly and easily. Now I can be sure to provide high-quality service to my guests, because I have all the necessary information at hand.

In addition, MyRent makes it easier for me to communicate with guests. I can quickly respond to their inquiries and adapt to their needs. Our guests are delighted with the personalized services we provide thanks to MyRent.

I recommend MyRent to all apartment owners, travel agencies and hotels. It's a tool that will save you time, improve organization and help you provide the ultimate experience to your guests. Try MyRent and feel the difference in your business!"

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