Reservations are here!

Reservations are slowly starting to return to several key markets. In the last 7 weeks alone, we have seen an increase of 1500%.

Although a full recovery is still underway, the first bookings are showing signs of life and giving renters hope for the future.

Now is the time to prepare your business to make sure you are ready for new guests. How is that possible:


Do not pay any subscriptions

While markets are still waking up, it’s important to monitor your budget carefully and only pay for services that deliver results.

With myRent % rate you do not pay any registration or subscription fees. You can place an unlimited number of properties on an unlimited number of channels, free of charge. You only pay when reservations are made.


Post your properties on multiple channels

Different markets are recovering at different speeds, so it is very important that your facility sees as many different guests as possible to increase your chances of booking.

With myRent you can publish ads for your real estate on dozens of different channels in different markets around the world, including major booking portals such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, HomeAway / Vrbo, and local sites such as Kroati.de.

All ads, calendars, and reservations are synced and managed from a single account - no need for multiple accounts on different sites. Depending on the technical capabilities of individual booking portals.


Understand your market

It is more important than ever to understand what is happening in your local market. myRent has partnered with Price Labs - a dynamic pricing tool to provide you with a wealth of information on occupancy and booking policies in your area, so you get all the information you need to succeed.

What is new?

  1. Increase bookings with more flexibility
    You can now offer more flexible cancellation policies, including free cancellations up to 7 days before check-in
  2. Reach new and domestic markets
    We are improving channel connections to facilitate reservation traffic in key domestic markets. We are announcing new connections with the channels soon!
  3.  Develop your direct bookings
    Use WEB templates! Be visible on the WEB using our web template that is directly linked to your myRent account.
  4. New OTA, - VRBO / HomeAway
    Connect with one of the world's leading VRBO / HomeAway portals and be visible in 190 countries. Premium connections enable a larger number of reservations!
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