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What is RevNGo? is part of the Szallas Group, the leading platform for online travel in Central and Eastern Europe. With their 12 online travel products operating in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Poland, they are the undisputed leader in the industry. has an impressive number of over 80,000 partner landlords who provide accommodation in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria. Their broad portfolio of accommodation facilities in Croatia began with construction in 2012 and today includes over 20,000 facilities for rent across the country.

What makes stand out is their team of 5 employees who speak the Croatian language fluently. This enables easier communication with partners and quick support in solving everyday issues. Partners can rely on their expertise and dedication to provide the best service.

With the support of Szallas Group and its expertise in the field of online travel, is an indispensable partner for accommodation owners in Croatia. Their presence on the market ensures greater visibility and reach, which results in an increase in the number of reservations and occupancy of accommodation facilities. is synonymous with quality, reliability and partner care. Their site provides a simple and intuitive booking process, and their team is always there to provide support and solutions for all accommodation owner needs.

Why RevNGo?

Advantages of advertising:


Free registration and free presentation of the interface before activation


Commission-based invoice (14%) and no hidden costs


More than 1 million overnight stays in 2018


With just one registration, your accommodation will automatically become available in 8 languages


Custom tip for setting options


With the help of the ADMINI application, you can manage the most important functions of the interface of your accommodation from anywhere.

RevNGo and MyRent

Thanks to the official API connection MyRent-as booking portal RevNGo, it is possible to synchronize the information on accommodation reservations.

Over it MyRent according to RevNGo it is possible to synchronize:







In the MyRent database you can find more information about the RevNGo booking portal, conditions, everything you need to do and steps to connect MyRent and RevNGo.

Meet RevNGo

RevNGo & MyRent Webinar

MyRent & RevNGo

In partnership with RevNGo, February 3, 2022, we will hold webinar on which you will RevNGo Key account manager for our market to present their business module, terms, benefits and opportunities of advertising on RevNGo.

More information can be found at link.

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