Innovations from the world of Channel Manager

After a successful season and recharged batteries, we returned full of energy and ready for new challenges.

On this occasion, MyRent organized a webinar on the topic Innovations from the world of Channel Manager, where we introduced you to everything news on which our team has worked diligently. In addition to the news, we also introduced you to the new MyRent services.

Highlighted Channel Manager innovations

advanced functions of myRent Channel manager

  • Channel manager - discounts and top-ups on booking portals
  • Making offers for several apartments / villas
  • Sale of excursions and transfers
  • MyRent B2B portal (connecting all users in one system)
  • Web portal StayPicker (Villas & Apartments)
  • light MyRent - a simpler version of MyRent
  • New statistics and reports
  • Receive inquiries from websites
  • messages and reviews
  • Group price change (how to easily manage prices)
  • Web templates (directly from myRent, ready web page)

We wanted to briefly and simply present the new MyRent services and explain how and why they are used. We will subsequently organize workshops where we will show you the above functions in more detail.

The webinar will take place on 21.10, and was led by Neven Palčec, the founder of MyRent.
If you missed something, don’t worry! You can watch a recording of the webinar on our website YouTube channel.

Here you can watch a recording of the MyRent webinar

"Innovation in the world of Channel manager"

myRent presentation

You can download the MyRent presentation here

"Incredible Channel Manager capabilities."

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