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Meet Agoda! Webinar 2021.

Headquartered in Asia, Agoda is one of the world's largest and fastest growing booking portals.

Founded in 2005, today it is part of Booking Holding (BKNG) and operates in over 200 countries worldwide. As of June 2021, Agoda lists 2.5 million properties, including private renters.

A study conducted by Agoda suggests that when planning a trip, tourists from Asia most often use Agoda to find accommodation in Europe.
This fact is of great importance and benefits for private renters because guests from Asia primarily full pre-season and post-season.

In addition, tourists coming from China, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia like to explore tourist destinations, get to know the culture and gastronomic offer of the country in which they stay and do not spend time in accommodation facilities, which makes them ideal guests.

MyRent and Agoda webinar 2021.

November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m.

In partnership with Agoda, we will maintain webinar, November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m., on which you will Agoda Key account manager for our market to present their business module, the benefits of advertising on Agoda and their connection to Booking.com.

In addition, we have provided you with direct contact with Agoda's experts via a private link that you will receive on the webinar itself. Colleagues from Agoda will answer all your questions and if there are additional questions, they will directly arrange a subsequent meeting with you.

If you are not sure if Agoda is the right portal for you, be sure to join us for a webinar where Agoda representatives will answer all your questions and concerns.

Everyone is welcome to the webinar, and participation is free!

MyRent and Agoda


MyRent has a full connection with Agoda which means that from MyRent Channel manager you can make a complete ad on Agoda.

From MyRent to Agoda you can send:

  • prices
  • automated messages
  • images
  • descriptions
  • content
  • distances
  • availability
  • reservations
  • sign a contract

Agoda - Guest stats 2021

Guest statistics from Agoda from which country guests come and how long they stay


Did you know that Agoda is the fastest growing booking portal currently in the world? In addition, Agoda brings in top quality guests from the richest countries like America, Germany, France, England, Russia.

Agoda's guests are one of the best guests because they stay longer (Germans, Americans, Swiss stay on average about 10 days opa ..) and spend very little time in their apartments.

But most importantly, Agoda guests usually come in the pre and post season and full Your apartments, houses, villas and hotels just when other booking portals are giving up.

All this makes Agoda, one of the unavoidable booking portals and a place where your apartments, villas and hotels simply have to be!

On her own integration is simple and Agoda can be connected in just a few minutes.

All you need to have with you are pictures, descriptions and a price list, which you set in myRent, and everything else is automated and easily managed through myRent Channel Manager

Want to know more about Agoda & MyRent webinar?

Learn how MyRent Channel manager works with Agoda

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    Kroati.de and Channel manager

    What is Kroati.de?

    Kroati.de has been mediating for more than 20 years and has partners throughout Croatia. They offer over 20,000 holiday homes, apartments, hotels and resorts.

    As a recognized member of the German Association of Travel Agencies (DRV), Kroati.de is a respected intermediary for accommodation units.

    Thanks to good positioning on Google and other Internet search engines, as well as professional marketing, you can reach high numbers of reservations through the booking portal Kroati.de. Furthermore, it takes over the entire booking process for its customers.

    Why Kroati.de

    Advantages of advertising

    Free advertising

    Advertising of accommodation units is free. Kroati.de takes a commission only in case of a successful reservation.

    Professional website

    On the portal, you have the opportunity to present your accommodation unit in the best possible way through pictures and descriptions, thus ensuring a larger number of reservations.

    There is no contractual obligation

    You can still collaborate with other booking portals and receive direct bookings. Your ad on the Kroati.de portal does not require exclusive binding.

    Partnership with Channel managers

    Channel managers with Kroati.de can exchange bookings and reservations via the API connection.

    Technical Support

    Kroati.de customer support team is available at any time by e-mail or telephone to facilitate the entry and management of accommodation units.


    Kroati.de takes over the entire booking process for its users. This includes the contract and payment processing and sending travel documents (vouchers, instructions…) to guests.

    Kroati.de and MyRent channel manager

    certified API connection

    MyRent is an official partner with the booking portal Kroati.de.

    Over it official API links, it is possible to synchronize the reservation calendar with each other.


    Kroati.de is working on improving its connection, and soon MyRent users can expect complete synchronization, ie MyRent will be able to create a complete ad on the Kroati.de portal.

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