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MyRent availability calendar

MyRent has introduced a new calendar for facility owners and agencies. A quick overview that will allow you to easily and simply monitor the occupancy of facilities and respond in a timely manner to "holes in the calendar".

MyRent allows you, if you have similar or the same objects, to fill certain "holes" in the calendar easily and quickly by transferring a reservation from one object to another. In this way, in MyRent you open a calendar in one object for a longer period of time and reduce or eliminate empty days in another object.

Filter by time period, availability, content, reservation portals…

MyRent integration with Metricool

MyRent recently has a new tool for managing and analyzing social networks, Google and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Metricool is a comprehensive tool that will make it easier for you to plan posts and track the analytics of your social networks, create advertising campaigns, track website analytics, create reports… simply from MyRent.


New MyRent email templates

Starting next week, you will see new email templates on your MyRent profile. In our own experience, we have tried to make them as simple and clear as possible to use.

We will be happy to listen to all your advice, suggestions or criticism.

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