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General news

Meet Agoda! Webinar 2021.

Headquartered in Asia, Agoda is one of the world's largest and fastest growing booking portals.

Founded in 2005, today it is part of Booking Holding (BKNG) and operates in over 200 countries worldwide. As of June 2021, Agoda lists 2.5 million properties, including private renters.

A study conducted by Agoda suggests that when planning a trip, tourists from Asia most often use Agoda to find accommodation in Europe.
This fact is of great importance and benefits for private renters because guests from Asia primarily full pre-season and post-season.

In addition, tourists coming from China, Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia like to explore tourist destinations, get to know the culture and gastronomic offer of the country in which they stay and do not spend time in accommodation facilities, which makes them ideal guests.

MyRent and Agoda webinar 2021.

November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m.

In partnership with Agoda, we will maintain webinar, November 23, 2021, at 11:00 p.m., on which you will Agoda Key account manager for our market to present their business module, the benefits of advertising on Agoda and their connection to Booking.com.

In addition, we have provided you with direct contact with Agoda's experts via a private link that you will receive on the webinar itself. Colleagues from Agoda will answer all your questions and if there are additional questions, they will directly arrange a subsequent meeting with you.

If you are not sure if Agoda is the right portal for you, be sure to join us for a webinar where Agoda representatives will answer all your questions and concerns.

Everyone is welcome to the webinar, and participation is free!

MyRent and Agoda


MyRent has a full connection with Agoda which means that from MyRent Channel manager you can make a complete ad on Agoda.

From MyRent to Agoda you can send:

  • prices
  • automated messages
  • images
  • descriptions
  • content
  • distances
  • availability
  • reservations
  • sign a contract

Agoda - Guest stats 2021

Guest statistics from Agoda from which country guests come and how long they stay


Did you know that Agoda is the fastest growing booking portal currently in the world? In addition, Agoda brings in top quality guests from the richest countries like America, Germany, France, England, Russia.

Agoda's guests are one of the best guests because they stay longer (Germans, Americans, Swiss stay on average about 10 days opa ..) and spend very little time in their apartments.

But most importantly, Agoda guests usually come in the pre and post season and full Your apartments, houses, villas and hotels just when other booking portals are giving up.

All this makes Agoda, one of the unavoidable booking portals and a place where your apartments, villas and hotels simply have to be!

On her own integration is simple and Agoda can be connected in just a few minutes.

All you need to have with you are pictures, descriptions and a price list, which you set in myRent, and everything else is automated and easily managed through myRent Channel Manager

Want to know more about Agoda & MyRent webinar?

Learn how MyRent Channel manager works with Agoda

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    General news

    6th Family Accommodation Forum 2021

    Organized by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and the Family Tourism Association November 12 and 13, 2021 will be held at the Pazin Memorial Home 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum".

    What is a Family Accommodation Forum?

    National Family accommodation forum (FOS) is the only national gathering of providers of catering services in the household (renters) from all over Croatia, which discusses current topics and offers educational content and networking with providers of products and services for family accommodation.

    FOS brings together the owners of catering services in rooms, apartments, holiday homes and camps, as well as in boarding houses and rural households, and is interesting for all micro and small entrepreneurs who follow current changes and trends in family accommodation.

    It was first held in 2014 in Opatija.

    FOS and MyRent

    MyRent is a proud partner of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum.

    On this occasion, MyRent will have its own exhibition space at this year’s gathering. We invite you to visit us, meet and make a toast to a successful upcoming season.

    MyRent, with his Channel Manager-om, is an official partner with over 100 booking portals. So in addition to good company, at our stand you can look for free advice and recommendations on how and where to advertise your accommodation units.


    MyRent rewards with 10 free websites!

    Recently, MyRent offers a website design service tailored to renters and their needs. For participants of the 6th Family Accommodation Forum MyRent has provided ten free websites for a period of one year.

    These are web template pages that are optimized for private renters - owners of apartments, villas, hotels, camps. The pages are made according to the latest technologies and SEO standards and are adapted for all types of devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

    Why a MyRent website?

    • direct reservations
    • possibility of direct, online payment
    • contact form for easier communication with potential guests
    • blog posts, image gallery, reviews

    • fast making
    • the ability to easily manage a website using MyRent CMS system
    • Addition: anyone who wants to connect their accommodation units with over 100 booking portals can do so, at an additional cost, using MyRent

    How to get a free website?

    Every day is an opportunity to win valuable prizes!

    All you have to do is come to the 6th National "Family Accommodation Forum", find a MyRent booth and tell us a key term: MY WEBSITE

    On Friday, November 12, from 2 pm, we will share 5 websites with the fastest renters. On Saturday, 13.11. you can find us in the same place where we will share 3 pages from 11am and two more from 2pm.

    Use MyRent to attract guests and make direct reservations!


    Examples of MyRent websites

    Family accommodation forum 2021.

    During the two-day conference (November 12 and 13, 2021) there will be presentations on results, trends and innovations in legislation, an expert panel, educational workshops on sales, marketing and quality improvement, as well as an exhibition space where participants will have the opportunity to network with exhibitors of products and services relevant to family accommodation.

    Participation in FOS is free with mandatory online application.

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    myRent News
    General news

    Innovations from the world of Channel Manager

    After a successful season and recharged batteries, we returned full of energy and ready for new challenges.

    On this occasion, MyRent organized a webinar on the topic Innovations from the world of Channel Manager, where we introduced you to everything news on which our team has worked diligently. In addition to the news, we also introduced you to the new MyRent services.

    Highlighted Channel Manager innovations

    advanced functions of myRent Channel manager

    • Channel manager - discounts and top-ups on booking portals
    • Making offers for several apartments / villas
    • Sale of excursions and transfers
    • MyRent B2B portal (connecting all users in one system)
    • Web portal StayPicker (Villas & Apartments)
    • light MyRent - a simpler version of MyRent
    • New statistics and reports
    • Receive inquiries from websites
    • Booking.com messages and reviews
    • Group price change (how to easily manage prices)
    • Web templates (directly from myRent, ready web page)

    We wanted to briefly and simply present the new MyRent services and explain how and why they are used. We will subsequently organize workshops where we will show you the above functions in more detail.

    The webinar will take place on 21.10, and was led by Neven Palčec, the founder of MyRent.
    If you missed something, don’t worry! You can watch a recording of the webinar on our website YouTube channel.

    Here you can watch a recording of the MyRent webinar

    "Innovation in the world of Channel manager"

    myRent presentation

    You can download the MyRent presentation here

    "Incredible Channel Manager capabilities."

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    General news

    How to manage accommodation in the age of the Crown virus (COVID-19)



    Nowadays when we are at risk of viruses, these solutions can help you avoid all unnecessary contact with your guests. This is certainly another plus of MyRent smart locks as well as the MyRent system of self check-in guest registration.

    Do you live in Zagreb and have a house on the sea? Do you have an apartment in the center that you rent, and you live outside the center? Do you have a house or apartment on one of our beautiful islands? Want to reduce contact with guests for a variety of reasons? If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in these practical tips for managing accommodation facilities.



    Automatic check in / check out involves a type of smart lock or safe that allows guests to enter the facility on their own. MyRent offers several kind of smart locks which make your business extremely easy. Using this solution, you do not have to be present at check-in, which is great when guests arrive late or late so this solution is great for anyone who does not live at the address of the object being rented. It is also useful if you do not want to take risks if your guests come from countries affected by the corona virus.





    Like any other accommodation unit, it is a must be active in as many ways as possible to achieve the best possible sales.

    One way is to have your own website where with SEO data you can influence that you are more visible in the market to potential guests.
    This can be achieved in 2 ways, take a template or booking engine and embed it in your page or make your page on some of the popular tools like this WordPress.

    Another way is to advertise on  booking portal such as: Booking.com, AirBNB, HomeAway, Expeda, HomeToGo etc.…
    You need a system for this method Channel Manager which connects all these portals and which synchronizes calendars, prices and reservations



    Similar to smart locks, there are many solutions that allow owners not to be present at the facility, and to be able to control things like air conditioning, heating, lights, etc. In this way, your guests can be greeted by a warm and lit facility. There are even apps that allow you to measure the amount of noise in an object. In case the amount of noise exceeds a certain limit, you get a notification and then you can react in time that you have no problems with the neighbors.

    Whether you want to control your guests or just give them a "warm" welcome, tools like this are a great solution.



    Since you do not live at the address of the accommodation facility, it is necessary to know people who can help you in various situations. We mean electricians, plumbers and other various "masters". Surely sooner or later there will be a situation when you will need their services. So it is good to be prepared in advance and react as soon as possible when something unexpected happens.

    Make a list of all important people and save it to your mobile phone under the contact group of apartments or similar. Also, it is very wise to have such a list somewhere in the apartment, so that someone (usually a neighbor) can get to those contacts if you are prevented.

    And lastly, trust the neighbors and leave them the key in case of any emergency intervention.


    The Chinese do not say for no reason:
    "A good neighbor is an invaluable treasure."
    An old Chinese proverb



    Since you do not live nearby, it is imperative that you have some sort of security system in place if you own valuables in your facility. The most common solutions in this regard are security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and the like. Many of these systems can be connected to your cell phone. In case the alarm is activated, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone.

    Do not forget to mention to your guests if you use one of these models of protection, because the issue of privacy is certainly important when vacationing in an accommodation facility.

    When installing my smart locks, MyRent usually comes across a fairly simple and practical solution, and that is fake security cameras. Fake security cameras are a great solution because they are very cheap, you can install them yourself without any problems, and your apartment looks much safer.



    Since you will not be present at the check-in itself, it is definitely advisable to take some steps to make guests feel welcome.

    Some of the ideas are:

    • Let the guest know that you have successfully received the reservation
    • Leave your guests brochures about hiking trails, beaches, bike trails and the like
    • Recommendations for restaurants, cafes, museums, galleries, nightclubs.
    • Public transport information.
    • Contact us a few days before arrival and send the specified information by e-mail or simply send them a link from your website where the guest can visually see where he is coming and what is in the vicinity

    Sending such emails is not difficult. Systems like MyRent's, which have email templates, greatly simplify all communication with guests.
    Simply set up the system and let myRent do it all for you.

    Trust us, the guests will be grateful great review!




    Why not make extra money? Why not offer guests a trip (PLITVICE LAKES) or transfer (eg to your apartment). All of this is at our fingertips, we just need to be a little creative.

    That’s why inside MyRent, there’s a module called guest portal. With it, you can offer your guests to charge for additional content with an online payment gateway.

    And not only that, the guest portal provides guests with accurate information on where to come, your contacts, online map, weather forecast.

    Perhaps the most important thing is that the guest portal also provides guest registration in eVzitior.

    Today, it is extremely important that guests feel safe and if guests can check in to eVizior themselves without direct contact (that you touch your passport or ID card) all the better for the guests, but also for you.

    Earn extra, but also provide additional protection to guests in the age of Corona Virus (COVID-19) and let guests enter the apartment themselves and let guests log in to eVizitor themselves





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      General news

      Expand your business with MyRent Channel & Property Manager

      Expand your business

      $ TODAY, $$$ TOMORROW

      We introduce our top 5 tips & tricks on how to increase your bookings and generate more profit! It's too late to stop reading now, you're too curious. You will finish what you were doing later.

      Channel Manager

      myrent channel manager

      We know it's hard to manage all those different platforms at the same time and that's one of the bigger problems for most travel agencies. That's why you NEED to use channel manager.

      It doesn't matter whether you are cooking, driving to work or shopping, the channel manager will synchronize all those OTA's like Booking.com, Airbnb etc. without you even knowing!

      Simple Price Change

      This makes us proud (unlike our nephew Ronald). The pain of updating your object prices on all those platforms… we know. Why not grab a fresh coffee or hang out with your friends and family?

      We created simple pricing and now you're able to change prices for all your objects with only 1 click! Forget about opening 10 different tabs once you start using this option! Waybe you'll have time to grab that coffee?

      Email timers and how they work?

      Your next notification will be sent in:

      Type or beer? We choose beer! With our technology we brought e-mail timers to a completely different level! You will never have to send an e-mail again! All you need to do is set a "trigger" which will then command our software to send an e-mail.

      Choose when, how and to whom the mail is going and shwosh, you already answered to all the inquiries your guests are sending!

      Website, why do I need one?

      The main goal you want to achieve with your website is…. you guessed it right! Making more money! Ultimately, you want all guests from Booking, Airbnb and other OTA's to book accommodation directly through your website. And why is that? Because you will avoid their commission fee and save at least 13% more. That's why we also specialized in website design for renters, agencies, hotels and camps. We create the most beautiful websites with online payment option for your guests.

      It's so simple, they visit your website, choose their accommodation and dates (check in / check out), click on the "Book Now" button and once they make a payment, the money is automatically transferred to your bank account. Does it get better than this? Yes, without requiring some custom design from us, websites we make for private property owners are cheap! And how cheap? Well, you will need to contact us so we could make an offer for you. Don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!

      OTA's - we can't live with them, but we can't live without them

      myrent channel manager booking
      myrent channel manager expedia
      myrent channel manager croatia

      There are some OTA's worth mentioning here (we promise, they didn't pay us to promote them in this email… unfortunately). When it comes to commission fees, we'd say "same thing - different packaging". Percentages they take are nearly the same, only the question remains, who will pay more? Guest, agency, or our nephew Ronald we mentioned before… someone is always deeper down the rabbit hole, but we simply have to list our properties on their platforms to increase the number of bookings.

      Booking.com, Airbnb, Homeaway and Expedia are OTA's which generated the most bookings according to our statistics. So, although you could list your properties somewhere else, there is really no need to do it, we bet those 4 will occupy a calendar for the whole year. And our software is here to manage all those calendars, guests and bookings for you.

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      Channel Manager

      HomeToGo Channel Manager




      HomeToGo Channel Manager

      Your next step in improving your business

      We are pleased to inform you that the MyRent family has a new member, HomeToGo one of the largest and most awarded booking portals in the world!

      HomeToGo is the largest search engine for accommodation units in the world, they decide on the quality and size of the portfolio that extends to more than 200 countries. Expand your online presence.


      Two-way connection

      Prices, pictures, descriptions, availability

      Connecting to HomeToGo for MyRent users works via Full Content Bidirectional connection and thus synchronizes images, descriptions, prices and availability your accommodation units. You do it all in real time!

      After registering the connection, your MyRent account content is automatically synchronized with the HomeToGo portal and that's the end of your work! Any additional changes are also sent in real time from MyRent to HomeToGo.


      Automatic payment

      No additional contracts and fees

      To make the booking and billing process easier and faster, with the MyRent and HomeToGo connection, you also get the option of automatic payment of credit cards for bookings that arrive from the HomeToGo portal.

      Make your business easier today, by signing up for the HomeToGo application form below!

      Connection registration

      Nothing easier

      Registering a new connection has never been easier! All you need to do is add HomeToGo to the B2B settings of your MyRent account and fill out the application form, right!

      Open the doors of your accommodation units to 26 million guests worldwide!



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      Web page

      We launched a new website for Dominium

      We raised the Dominium! No, no, no, not that way. God, you don't think we are like that!

      We "built" a new web portal for them. We are extremely proud of what we managed to do for them, since we have specially integrated the search engine into the portal, through which guests can automatically search everything Dominium currently offers, and the site is fully integrated with MyRent, which means that any change on the portal or other booking portals automatically and at the same time shows on all pages and portals throughout the Internet! The site also has an integrated EasyBooker platform, which ensures that potential customers and guests, who may not be so used to the Internet, do not get lost in all possible options, but provides them with a simple interface and experience, so they can dedicate themselves to packaging for their selected trip!


      We would also like to point out, praise ourselves and our colleagues a little, and make you laugh a little, with a short story from the beginning of this weekend, on Friday, 31.5. Namely, within an hour since we launched their portal, Dominium received several direct reservations before they themselves were aware that the portal was already fully operational, so they, somewhat comically, called our customer service and in a worried tone on reported that they had a problem, and the problem was that they received reservations. When we asked what the problem was, they said again that the problem was that they received reservations, but that they did not know how.

      This example also points to the necessity of such projects and ventures with all other agencies of this type.



      22 Estates
      Cro Wonder
      My Luxoria
      Odette Apartments
      Orgon Luxury Croatian Villas
      Villa Valis
      VIP Holiday Booker



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      General news

      Dominium Accomodation & Tours is our new partner!

      All our loved ones, hear and hear!

      We have recently added a travel agency to our client partners Dominium Travel, which operates exclusively in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

      For those less knowledgeable, Dominium Travel is a well-known travel agency led by the even more famous Slavica Grkeš, winner of the 2017 Manager of the Year award and one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs in Croatia today.


      The implementation of the whole package took a little over a month, during which time we managed to integrate our existing system into their existing one. Channel Manager and Property Managment System, as well as a special upgrade for the proprietary portal. Now owners have insight into reservations in real time, even via their smartphones, and can close appointments themselves. Not only does this guarantee the accuracy of the data and save time, but it also facilitates communication between the owner and guests or the owner and Dominium.

      Owners now have a lot more information about their guests, and are able to communicate with them through the MyRent platform, and see any additional guest requests wherever they are.

      We welcome all of them to MyRent, and look forward to what seems to be an extremely successful and long-lasting collaboration.


      For all interested owners from the area of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, MyRent proudly recommends Dominium Travel as an extremely high-quality and friendly business partner, given that the team consists of excellent professionals, which is the main reason why we believe that cooperation with Dominium is one of the best business steps for MyRent at the moment, which is not strange with such a director. led by Slavica Grkeš!

      For all contacts and additional questions, please refer here.

      Let's talk! How can we help you?

      Contact us



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        General news

        MyRent Takes Part @ 4th Regional Family Lodging Forum

        On Saturday, May 11th, at Hall III of the Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Management in Opatija, the 4th Regional Family Lodging Forum of the Primorsko-Goranska County will take place, starting at 10:00 am.

        MyRent will, of course, be present in full luster! As part of the event, MyRent CEO Neven Palčec will hold a short presentation on the importance of booking portals today, focusing especially on private renters such as many of our clients. As you all know, an unavoidable part of the presentation will consist of the quality and innovation of the services offered by MyRent, something that you’ve been well acquainted with already. Other topics of great importance to this branch of tourism will not be overlooked, either, and you can find below the full program to the event.


        For those who are unfamiliar with the organization, the National Family Lodging Forum is the only Croatian organization of rental service providers at the national level. They deal with current topics in this branch of the tourist business, as well as organize educational and networking seminars. The Forum gathers renters providing rooms, apartments, suites, lodges, and camps, both in city and village households.

        The greatest focus of the Forum is still on keeping all of the micro- and small-scale entrepreneurs completely up-to-date with all the current trends in family lodging, such as You!

        The 1st Forum gathering was held in 2014, in Opatija, after which the next two equally successful ones were held in 2015 and 2016, in Poreč and Zadar, respectively. They were all organized by the Family Tourism Community of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, founded in 2010. The Community eventually formed its own localized Sections, through which it successfully coordinates and educates renters all over Croatia.

        See you Saturday!

        Saturday came and went, and MyRent shone in Opatija in front of all the Forum's participants. Below you'll find we've given you a looksie into what Neven's presentation looked like. And if that's not enough for you and you want to know what the whole show was like, check out the gallery right here!

        If you were one of those kids who always wanted to earn the extra credit in school, good for you. Download Neven's presentation from the Forum, in .pdf format. Through it, you might get a closer feel for what the event was like, and what current topics and dialogue points are in respect to this branch of economy.

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        Channel Manager, New versions

        Kroati.de and Channel manager

        What is Kroati.de?

        Kroati.de has been mediating for more than 20 years and has partners throughout Croatia. They offer over 20,000 holiday homes, apartments, hotels and resorts.

        As a recognized member of the German Association of Travel Agencies (DRV), Kroati.de is a respected intermediary for accommodation units.

        Thanks to good positioning on Google and other Internet search engines, as well as professional marketing, you can reach high numbers of reservations through the booking portal Kroati.de. Furthermore, it takes over the entire booking process for its customers.

        Why Kroati.de

        Advantages of advertising

        Free advertising

        Advertising of accommodation units is free. Kroati.de takes a commission only in case of a successful reservation.

        Professional website

        On the portal, you have the opportunity to present your accommodation unit in the best possible way through pictures and descriptions, thus ensuring a larger number of reservations.

        There is no contractual obligation

        You can still collaborate with other booking portals and receive direct bookings. Your ad on the Kroati.de portal does not require exclusive binding.

        Partnership with Channel managers

        Channel managers with Kroati.de can exchange bookings and reservations via the API connection.

        Technical Support

        Kroati.de customer support team is available at any time by e-mail or telephone to facilitate the entry and management of accommodation units.


        Kroati.de takes over the entire booking process for its users. This includes the contract and payment processing and sending travel documents (vouchers, instructions…) to guests.

        Kroati.de and MyRent channel manager

        certified API connection

        MyRent is an official partner with the booking portal Kroati.de.

        Over it official API links, it is possible to synchronize the reservation calendar with each other.


        Kroati.de is working on improving its connection, and soon MyRent users can expect complete synchronization, ie MyRent will be able to create a complete ad on the Kroati.de portal.

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