MyRent mobile application

We know that today it is important to work on the go and respond quickly to customer inquiries.

MyRent mobile application is designed to make it easier for renters to do business on a daily basis and save time when registering guests with e-Visitor.

Features of the MyRent mobile application

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  • push notifications
  • tracking reservations:
  1. Arrivals
  2. Departures
  3. new reservations
  • overview of available accommodation units
  • entering new reservations
  • list and details of each reservation
  • quick entry of guests in e-Visitor (scan)
  • communication with the guest
  • arrivals and departures per accommodation unit
  • insight into prices and minimum number of nights
  • the possibility of changing prices and the minimum number of nights
  • closing date
  • list of accommodation units
  • possibility of grouping accommodation units
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Fast document scanning

MyRent mobile application & e-Visitor

TAN lists and manual guest registration of the e-Visitor system are a thing of the past!

You will no longer have to manually enter each guest into the e-Visitor, which greatly saves time and eliminates entry errors. With the MyRent mobile app, you can quickly and easily scan guest documents, and MyRent will take care of the rest!


Using the mobile phone camera, you can read personal data from the document, and myRent automatically saves them and with one click the data is sent to eVisitor.


For all those liable to register guests on eVisitor

myRent uses world-class technology, and the scanner can recognize documents from more than 150 countries worldwide.

How to use the MyRent mobile app

MyRent is a mobile application user friendly. This means it is easy to use and you can easily manage the application.

To make it easier to use MyRent mobile applications, we have prepared a short video where you can learn how to install the application and how to use its key features.

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