MyRent praised in the media

Dear all of us, with your trust, recently important business magazines in Croatia have recognized the success of MyRent as a company. Among these magazines, probably the most important is "Poslovni dnevnik", which has accompanied the growth of our business, which, among other things, includes over three thousand new units since the beginning of the year managed by MyRent. That number certainly sounds incredible, considering the fact that we ended the business with four thousand units last year, which means that MyRent’s family has almost doubled!

business-diary-myrent portal also accompanied us as part of its research into the quality and offer of Croatian channel manager programs, where MyRent significantly compared to the competition in the domestic market, which is quite obvious when you consider the above significant increase in the company.

But if it weren't for all of you, we wouldn't even be here, so this time the whole MyRent team wants to thank you for your trust!

Let’s show we can do even better, and ruin this season!

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