myrent list of fairs 2/3 2019

Fairs in February and March 2019

Are you ready?

There is still time until the tourist season, but preparations are in full swing. So visit us at the fairs in February and March! Find out everything you are interested in and more!

Advertising on more than 150 booking portals, smart locks, finance, professional instant booking websites and more, all in one place.

 Catch the last train and don't let Grandma with the cakes escape you!

  • ADRIA GASTRO SHOW SPLIT 06.02. - 09.02. 2019 Spaladium arena

  • PROMOHOTEL POREČ 20.02. - 23.02.2019 Sports hall Žatika

  • ITB BERLIN 03/06 - 03/10/2019 Messe Berlin

  • DAYS OF UHPA VINKOVCI 21.03. – 23.03.2019

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