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Read below 5 Vrbo trends for 2022.

Children decide

5 Willow trends in 2022

The parents relented as well involve your children in the vacation planning process.

Compared to pre-pandemic periods:

• 50% families said they are more likely to allow their children to decide where to go on holiday
• 1 in 3 parents will allow their children to invite a friend
• 43% parents are more likely to allow their children to skip school for the holidays

While parents plan to please their children and treat them to new trips, they also prefer quality time - 61% families said they are more likely to demand that their children be disconnected from the internet and their devices on holiday.

In this way, families can indulge in changing the landscape and enjoy precious time together.

Pet-friendly vacation

5 Willow trends in 2022

Many families adopted pets during the pandemic because they spent more time at home and were able to spend more time with their new furry friends.

It is noted increase the demand for pet-receiving accommodation units by 40% compared to the previous year according to statistics recorded by Vrbo.

In addition, more than 70% respondents are pet owners, and 68% of these pet owners have traveled, plans to travel or they love to travel with their pets.

When asked why they want to bring their pets on vacation, they said:

  •  they don’t like to leave them and want the whole family (including furry members) together

Early wounded

5 Willow trends in 2022

An old saying goes, whoever grabs two fortunes early.
In 2021, booking activity occurred - on average - 2-3 months earlier than usual for several major travel seasons.

The survey showed that 60% respondents answered yes they plan to book their vacation earlier than they did in the days before the pandemic. Of these, 43% said they would book their vacations 3-5 months in advance.

Work hard and travel even more

5 Willow trends in 2022

During the pandemic, distance work and virtual schooling allowed families to travel more and combine work with vacation.
We expect families to continue to combine with each other - 44% families said they are more likely to work remotely from a place other than their home, and it has been noted increase in demand of 68% for a stay of 21 - 30 days on the Willow.

Undated searches also increased by 33% compared to the previous year, indicating that people cared less about traveling during
school holidays and vacations, are open to escape on a trip whenever they wish.

Mountain houses

5 Willow trends in 2022

On the Willow mountain houses are experiencing an increase in demand by almost 85% from year to year.

The most popular are those located on the shores of the lake or located in the woods.

It is not difficult to understand why these charming and idyllic properties are desirable accommodation for a peaceful vacation with family or friends.

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